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Airplanes is without a doubt, the best Battleship game to be played in Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows RT device. Have a look at the review below to see why we think it’s so great!

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One game that we all share from our youth is Battleship: the one where you had a board and you placed ships on it and tried to guess where your opponent’s ship is. If you remember that game, and you want to recreate that childhood experience, then Airplanes for Windows 10, Windows 8 is game that lets you do just that.

This simple game is very entertaining, even now, after so many years have passed since we last played it. Nevertheless, those of you who still want to kill your time by playing Battleship, you can give this game a try.

Airplanes brings the Battleship experience to Windows 10, Windows 8

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This free game can be downloaded for free from the Windows Store and installed on any Windows 10, Windows 8/RT device. While the game itself is free to play, users who want some extra features will have to pay $1.49 to unlock them. These extra features consist of larger boards and more airplanes.

As all of you know, the purpose of the game is to shoot down your opponent’s airplanes by guessing where they are located on the board. If you shoot the front end of the game (the cockpit), that plane will automatically be destroyed. The player who manages to destroy all the airplanes of the opponent wins the game.

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As for the app itself, it is pretty well built, in the course of my tests all the features were running great. The graphics are pretty basic, but in this type of games, they are not very important. Nevertheless, the game looks pretty good, and its textures are well picked, so you can concentrate on your game.

The game offers users both single player mode, which is the Training area, where they will play against a computer, which is pretty easy to beat and a online mode, where you play against actual players. In the main screen of the game, you have your board, and when it switches from your side to the opponent, there is a nice transition effect.

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Users have the possibility of sending short messages to their opponents when playing with human players, however, there is no custom chat window and you only have a few lines to pick from. Nevertheless, it is still a good feature, and I hope the developer will make a full chat window in the future.

At the end of the game, users can also share their score over Twitter. There is also a Facebook share button, but when I pressed it, it still forwarded me to Twitter. This feature works best on the other platforms that this game is on, and those are: Windows Phone and Facebook.

Overall, I think Airplanes for Windows 10, Windows 8 is a very nice game and a nice experience for fans of the game. The possibility to play online and also invite friends to play with are some very nice features. I had lots of fun testing out Airplanes for Windows 10, Windows 8 and I hope that you will find it as amusing as I did.

Download Airplanes for Windows 10, Windows 8


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