PlayStation 5’s best feature is now on Xbox Series X

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • A small but very useful PS5 feature that Xbox users have been longing for and it is finally here!
  • Microsoft has only just made the option available but gamers are already in love with it.
  • Users have been treated to a mute function that allows them to enjoy silence whenever they plug in their headphones.
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Xbox fanatics have one more thing to smile about with the latest feature to roll out. They will no longer have to rely on their remotes to control the volume whenever they connect their headphones.

The PS4 has a similar feature, where the television will automatically mute whenever you plug in a pair of headphones into the controller. 

This effectively solves the problem of your television being too loud and your movie or game being too quiet, without having to fiddle with the volume controls on your remote control. 

Now Microsoft has announced that the same function will be available on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles later this year. This comes days after Xbox console users were treated to the news that they can now access Ubisoft via their consoles.

Silence comes to Xbox

The Xbox One has always included a feature that automatically mutes your TV or home cinema speakers if you plug in a pair of headphones.

Microsoft has now taken a leaf out of Sony’s book, with an update adding an option to mute TV audio whenever you connect a wired or wireless headset – and it’s an absolute godsend.

TV audio will now be switched off when you plug in your headset, meaning you can chat with friends on Skype while watching Netflix without having to switch back and forth between the two.

The only problem is, this nifty new feature is actually turned off by default. And while Microsoft has added the option to turn it on in the system settings, it’s rather unceremoniously buried in an area that most gamers probably haven’t even visited yet. 

Fortunately for us, Microsoft has changed this functionality with the latest update that hit the Xbox One and Xbox One S.

The wait is over but you have to turn it on!

If you’re in the middle of chatting with Xbox friends or playing a game with party chat enabled, and someone starts streaming gameplay audio through their headset (a common occurrence when people live stream gameplay on sites like Twitch), your regular TV audio mutes automatically so you can focus on the Xbox party chat.

The feature is designed to ultimately make it easier for players to talk to each other while playing games, and some people are saying they’re already noticing an improvement.

As you probably know, muting the TV speaker while using a headset is something that Xbox users have been requesting for years. It makes sense, too, as there are some pretty big benefits to being able to hear chat audio over your TV audio.

To take advantage of this new feature, all you have to do is connect your headset to the controller navigate to Settings>Volume and audio output>Additional Options>Mute speaker audio when headset attached. Tick the box and you’re good to go.

To start you off, you can visit our guide on the best wireless headsets for Xbox and try out the feature.

What do you think of the mute feature finally arriving on Xbox? Has it been a long-awaited feature for you or will it have a big impact on how you play? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.