Prey update 1.03 fixes a series of annoying game issues, download it now

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Bethesda recently released an update for Prey v1.03 and you can learn all about the patch notes below.

New fixes included in the update

  • The update brings more fixes for preventing save games from being corrupted; this fix also returns corrupted saved games to their previous and uncorrupted state.
  • The items will no longer be incorrectly deleted from your inventory when changing levels.
  • There’s also a fix for when the stamina is not recovering.
  • The issue where you were not able to repair items has been fixed.
  • The player will no longer spawn out of level.
  • The fabricated weapons are now empty.
  • The flaw where humans were incorrectly turning hostile has been fixed and they’ll return to the normal friendly state.
  • Now you have the possibility of skipping the end game credits.
  • Aaron Ingram will no longer be a coward if he’s spooked by a typhoon.
  • There is a fix for more issues making changes in the settings.
  • The FOV slider is now available in the advanced options menu.

On Bethesda’s community page, you also get information on how to access the Steam Beta.

You just have to follow these specific steps:

  • Log into Steam.
  • Right-click on Prey from your Library.
  • Go to Properties.
  • Select Betas.
  • Look at the drop-down menu that appears and select the public-beta-patch.
  • Select OK.
  • Wait until the game is updating.
  • After the game is updated, Prey[public-beta-patch] should appear in your Library. In case it still displays as Prey, you are advised to repeat the steps above.

Important notes

You should also be aware of the fact that the public-beta-patch branch shares the same game Saves as the default branch. If a previously corrupted Save is fixed, then remember that if you want to switch back again to the default branch will reintroduce the chance of corruption. Also, if a Save file has been previously edited manually, there is the risk that it won’t work properly. On another note, here is where you can find Prey’s bugs and its fixes.

You can the details for the Steam update for Prey on Bethesda’s web page.



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