Why do You Really Hate Windows 8?

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While running a blog dedicated to Windows 8 apps, I’ve always faced a big problem – everybody keeps complaining about Windows 8. So, now I invite you all to express your real opinion and sound off in the comments section – why do you hate Windows 8?
why you hate windows 8
It’s almost the middle of 2014 and yet there are still many haters to Windows 8. Today is the official day when Window XP will stop getting support, which means many will make the switch the a newer Windows version. While Window Vista is obviously out of the question, as everybody knows it was pretty much a flop, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are the next potential upgrade. But many aren’t switching to Windows 8 because, well, they hate it.

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So, the point of this article is to gather as many opinions as possible and understand why many still hate Windows 8. But please, don’t just say you hate it because you don’t like touch, that’s not a valid point. Or, that you hate it just because it’s different. However, if you happen to enjoy Windows 8, let us know your opinion on this, as well. Personally, I like the Windows Store and the idea that it brings mobile apps to your desktop or touch Windows device.

That’s actually the reason why I started this website – I believe that apps from the Windows Store are great and that they will become more awesome in time. And the idea of Windows 8 is interesting – combining touch and desktop environments under the same roof. Sure, it’s not an easy task, and that’s why there are so many updates rolling out – to find a compromise between desktop and touch users. But, in the end, Microsoft will succeed.

They’ have a great Build 2014, where they also took the mobile world by storm with the release of Windows Phone 8.1, and with the new CEO, we’ve seen that cross platform products are becoming more important to the company. But, let’s get back to my question – what does Windows 8 have that makes you cringe and hate it? Sound off below.


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