Rocket Riot rolls out on Steam and Windows 10

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Fire up the action-packed, side-scrolling shooter, previously available on Windows 7 and Windows 8.X, is now has now come to your Windows 10 devices (PC and Mobile) with an Xbox Live and Steam  integration. Rocket riot is making a comeback with over 200 compelling levels in an artistic pixelated interface.

Rocket Riot’s independence came as a surprise to Codeglue ( a Dutch game studio, established  by Maurice Sibrandi and Peter de Jong in 2000), after their partnership’s massive success  with Microsoft and now the studio is capable of self-publishing their games, as Microsoft handed over the control to them. And with their newly bestowed free-will, they made sure that their game should be playable on ‘all’ platforms, which brings us the compatibility for Windows 10 devices along with on the earlier releases like Xbox 360, iPad, iPhone and Windows 8 devices.

Rocket Riot, introduced on Xbox 360, for the first time in 2009 as an XBLA game. Which was later published as a launch title for the new Windows Phone 7 by Microsoft. Rocket Riot 3D was later inaugurated in 2012 for Windows 8 with support for stereoscopic 3D.

The game comes in an 8-bit styled environment, and offers a plethora of innovative enemy characters to fight with, using either your mouse/keyboard controls, touch, or USB Xbox Controller.

Rocket Riot is a classic fit for chaotic-indie-shooter game seekers, and also offers the infamous Rocket Riot OST from Sonic Picnic, along with 13 audio tracks, plus a mega mix! Navigating through completely destructible scenes, burrowing the rocket into different locations on the map, and collecting zany power-ups, produce a surreal gameplay.

The game packs solid features and has now come with massive upgrades, rewarding users with  an inciting gameplay:

  • Comes with over hundreds of simpleton characters, and spunky boss levels that are hard to outsmart
  • Now provides gamers with a wide-range of simulating and handy power-ups, varying from explosive to serene
  • Over 200 single player missions
  • Several multiplayer challenges as well, to satisfy your subduing desires
  • Revitalizing maps; but arenas can be destroyed and  reconstructed
  • Over 300 hidden characters unclocked during the gameplay, including zombies, robots, pirates, ninjas, cowboys, and the list goes on.

Download it from Windows Store for $3.49, saving $0.5 for the next two days.


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