Microsoft Releases First Post-RTM Build for Windows 10 Insiders

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Microsoft kept its promise, and announced the first build for Windows Insider Program after the release of full version of Windows 10. The new build will go by the number of 10525, and will be available for the Fast ring users first.
It all started with Microsoft Insider Program! Way before the full release of Windows 10, millions of people tested the system and their own nerves with still bug-prone Windows 10 Technical Preview. When Windows 10 got released Microsoft had a little break from Insider Program, but the company announced that Insider Program will ‘live’ even after Windows 10’s full release, and now, we finally have the first post-release build.

The new build 10525 will be available to the users on Fast ring first, so if you’re still a Windows Insider, go to Update section of your Settings app and check if the update arrived. If you want to get this build right now, you can also switch from Slow Ring to Fast Ring in Advanced Update Settings, and you’ll receive the new build shortly.

So what does the first post-RTM build for Insider Program bring? As usual, Microsoft didn’t reveal all bug fixes and improvements it included in this build, but there’s one notable UI change that might catch your attention, title bars can now have the same color as your theme, instead of being ‘locked’ at white color only, like it was the case in previous builds and the RTM version. So, if “Show color on Start, taskbar, and action center” is enabled in your Settings, you’ll have your title bar matching the color of your theme.

It wouldn’t be Insider build if it didn’t bring any bugs, as well. Actually there are some bugs in the surprising areas, that need to be fixed as soon as possible. Perhaps the biggest one is the fact that sharing mobile connection doesn’t work properly. And some bugs in the Movies & TV app could be fixed, as well. So if you thought that it won’t be any bugs after the RTM release of Windows 10, you’ll have to think once again.

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