Why the rumored new Xbox One is not an upgrade but a Slim

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Rumors have it that Microsoft is working on a new Xbox One device that could see the light of day at E3 2016 next month. Several pieces of information came through the grape vine claiming the console could be a whole new system or something else entirely.

The question remains: If Microsoft is indeed finalizing plans to reveal a new Xbox One system during its E3 2016 press conference in June, what type of Xbox would the company reveal? While that’s a tough question to answer, there is only one likely scenario here.

Microsoft would no doubt launch an Xbox One Slim instead of an entirely new system. Seeing as the current Xbox One is just over two years old and its sales are tracking ahead of the Xbox 360,  the next five to eight years will likely be more successful than the recently defunct Xbox 360.

This comes opposites of rumours suggesting that Sony is moving to launch a new version of the PlayStation 4, dubbed Neo. Sony has a reason for doing this seeing as the Japanese giant will release its PSVR goggles later in the year. From what we have come to know of VR, it requires a powerful machine for gamers to gain a better experience. The PlayStation 4 in its current form is not powerful enough to run VR, though we expect all future VR games to be released on the system nonetheless.

When it comes to Microsoft, the company does not have any reason to launch a beefed up Xbox One. It doesn’t have any virtual reality hardware set to hit the market any time soon, but the software giant is indeed working on a software to deal with nausea issues when using VR. and its HoloLens AR project is years away from prime time. With that being the case, Microsoft has no reason to release a new and improved Xbox One.

An Xbox One Slim will likely improve sales to help keep the system ahead of the Xbox 360. Furthermore, it could also usher in a $299 Xbox One, another recipe for increased sales.

Now, if there is a time for Microsoft to release a new Xbox, it would be in 2017 or 2018. These are the times we expect Nintendo to release its NX console, and by then, Microsoft would not be able to compete against two consoles that are more powerful than the Xbox One.

Do you agree the Xbox One Slim will be announced at E3 2016 instead of a whole new system? Let’s hear it in the comments.


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If they announce a SLIM version of the XB1 I think it would be a good thing. They could also do things like upgrade the Blu-Ray or Hard Drive without truly splitting the fan base. The only thing they can’t really do is affect how games run. That is the link Sony is crossing in mid-cycle and I don’t think it will work out any better than the XB1 console launch.

i agree, xbox doesn’t need a new console for two reasons. fewer first party developers and xbox on windows make the actual console less relevant. i am playing forza, quantum break, sea of thieves and recore on pc. who needs a more powerful xbox when you essentially have one already.

Great article and I’m hoping its not a upgraded Xbox one, just a slim. Xbox one already has a elite console, that’s good enough.

the Xbox One Elite is just 1TB… But it’s still JUST an Xbox One console… An upgraded Xbox One would bring the price down on an Elite Xbox One as well as offer its customers a better console…

I dont even see how you can compare the two..? :-S

you know microsoft shares similar api across windows and xbox so theoretically they don’t need to upgrade in the same way as the rumored neo. all they really need to do is drive the cost of xbox one down and let you decide how much you want to spend on a gaming pc.

interesting we know that amd has three new soc’s, i assumed one would be for each sony, microsoft and nintendo but the rumour is that nintendo is not using amd or x86 but are using an nvidia tegra processor, so maybe what amd has is an upgraded neo chip and 14nm variants of the ps4 and x1 soc’s to help lower the cost.

i don’t actually think vr is the reason they are upgrading, more likely 4k, hdr, and lower cost are more pressing matters. consoles have to support these features just the ability to scale a native resolution to 4k and hdr is absolutely necessary if you are buying a new television your console just has to support these features now, not in 2020. i think a newer xbox one slim would add these features as well.

Im pretty sure the 1 terabyte models like fallout 4 bundle and such aren’t the same as Elitte model. Eli has SSID that is supposed to be quicker loading times. thats how I can compare them. blow

oh of course the bigger and better quality of the 1TB hard drive improves the performance of load times and install times.. but it’s not the main selling point of the Elite model lets be honest now.

You cant really compare faster read and load speeds and a bump in system storage to an upgraded console with potential 4K output and minimum 60FPS..?

Good point. I just picked up a elite controller and it’s great. It was too much too spend on the whole elite console, but as a one handed gamer, this controller was a must. A 4K console with minimum of 60 fps second would be nice. Just picked up a ps4 and I’ve got to say it’s pretty damn nice. Faster and clearer than my xbox one, but still love Xbox for the games like halo and Quantum break.

Also EB games worker told me September there will be a new ps4.5 released. The vr needs the power.