Sandboxed browser: Here’s everything you need to know

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by Milan Stanojevic
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  • When it comes to computer security, sandboxing is one of the most commonly used methods of protection.
  • In this article, we’ll explain to you what sandboxing is and how it works to protect your web browser.
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Sandboxed browser
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Protecting your PC against online threats isn’t an easy task, but it’s easier if you’re using a sandboxed web browser.

Sandboxing is a useful security feature, and today we’re going to show you what it does and how to use it, so let’s get started.

How do I use a sandboxed browser?

1. What is a sandbox?

what is sandbox

Sandbox is a closed-off environment in which applications and processes can run without affecting the computer or other processes.

This feature can be incredibly useful in protecting your privacy and security, so it’s no wonder that many browsers are using this feature.

2. How to use sandboxing in my browser?

Opera browser

Sandboxing is enabled by default in your browser, and all your web pages, plugins, and even your entire browser are running in sandbox mode.

You might have noticed multiple browser processes in Task Manager, and this is a direct result of browser sandboxing.

This is because each web page and plugin are isolated from the rest of the PC, and if malicious code was to run in one of these processes, it wouldn’t affect your PC.

Although sandboxing is available on browsers by default, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need a secure browser such as Opera.

This browser comes with its own ad blocker so it will block all types of ads. In addition, there’s tracking protection that will block all tracking scripts and cookies and thus make your pages load faster.

Opera also has cryptomining protection and it will block all cryprtomining scripts. For additional security, there’s a free and unlimited VPN available out of the box.

Overall, Opera is a secure and solid browser, and just like many other browsers, it uses the sandboxing feature as well. So, if you need a reliable browser, you might want to try it out.



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Sandboxing is a great security feature, and while almost all browsers use it by default, it’s always a good idea to use a secure browser for extra protection.

FAQ: Learn more about sandboxing

  • What is a sandbox in Chrome?

Sandbox in Chrome is a specially isolated environment used to run processes and plugins safely.

  • What is the use of Windows sandbox?

Windows Sandbox is an isolated virtual environment used for testing or for running potentially unsafe applications.

  • What is Sandbox and why do we use sandbox?

Sandbox is a safe and isolated environment that allows you to run programs and processes without affecting your system.

  • What is browser sandbox safe browsing?

Browser sandbox is a special security feature that runs each website and plug-in as an independent process.