Sea of Thieves now available on Windows 10 and Xbox One

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Sea of Thieves, one of the most hotly anticipated multiplayer games of 2018, has finally arrived on both the Xbox One and Windows 10. Rare, the game’s developer, first announced Sea of Thieves at E3 2015, which was supposed to launch last year. However, the game has finally sailed out on Windows 10 and the Xbox One this March. This is a new swashbuckling multiplayer extravaganza in which players embark on pirate quests to plunder loot and treasure stowed away on deserted islands.

Sea of Thieves has been under development for a few years with Rare launching an Insider Programme to get some player feedback for it. Mr Neate, the executive producer at Rare, stated: “We’ve taken a unique approach with Sea of Thieves, from launching our Insider Programme in December 2016, where we invited our first 1,000 players into the first Technical Alpha, through a series of Alpha tests, our Closed Beta and Scale Tests, to the recent Final Beta where everyone was given the opportunity to play. We have worked with our community throughout this process.

Now Sea of Thieves is finally out, you can engage in some swashbuckling action in both player vs. player and co-operative game modes. Players can select to play solo or in crews of two to four pirates that navigate through choppy seas to islands where they can plunder the loot. Thus, the multiplayer battles take place on both land and sea.

The game is retailing at $59.99 for both Windows 10 and Xbox One. Note that this is a Xbox Play Anywhere title, which means you can play it on both Xbox One and Windows 10 with a digital purchase. Furthermore, multiplayer battles are not just restricted to their respective platforms either; so you can take on Windows 10 players while playing Sea of Thieves on Xbox One.

Microsoft Studios has also released a Xbox One S Sea of Thieves Bundle and limited edition game controller.The Sea of Thieves bundle packages the Xbox One S with a copy of the game. In addition, the bundle includes one-month Xbox Live Gold subscription and Xbox Pass trial. A limited edition Sea of Thieves styled controller is also available at$74.99.

To celebrate the game’s release, Microsoft Studios launched The Quest for Golden Bananas competition. The contest began on March 19 and includes a series of riddles for teams. The crews that solve the riddles first get entered into grand final with the winners winning 18-carat gold bananas.

The jury is now out on whether Sea of Thieves lives up to its hype. However, this is still one of most exciting Rare titles since Microsoft acquired the developer. You can check out the Sea of Thieves website for further game details.

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