Seagate’s Game Drive Hub adds 8TB of storage on any Xbox

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Seagate announced a special USB hard drive for Xbox One right after Microsoft revealed the world’s most powerful gaming console, the Xbox One X, a smaller model that’s far more powerful and backward compatible with all Xbox games. The Xbox One X also works with Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service which includes more than 100 downloadable games.

No matter which console is your favorite, there is a pretty good chance you’ll fill up its internal storage. Even if 500GB or 1TB seems enough, you’ll quickly realize it isn’t, especially with subscription services which offer over 100 games.

Seagate’s Game Drive Hub for Xbox

The USB hard drive revealed by Seagate is called the Game Drive Hub and it features a 3.5-inch 8TB drive and a front-facing two-port USB hub.

According to Seagate, June will prove itself to be a fantastic month for gamers all over the world. That month, Xbox Game Pass went live and opened up access to a catalog which will be regularly updated. In addition, the Xbox Game Pass will allow for direct downloads and more titles to the Xbox library to free up more space. So, Seagate’s offering comes at the perfect timing.

The company took its latest solution for storage to the ultimate level as the new Seagate Game Drive Hub for Xbox has 8TB of storage and a multi-purpose USB hub targeted at players with massive game libraries. All these require a maximum game storage capacity for today’s advanced games.

The Game Drive Hub for Xbox was developed and tested in collaboration with Xbox and will work perfectly with any console from the Xbox One family.

The device will cost $199, a reasonable price given the huge capacity it offers. Keep in mind it will require a dedicated energy source and you won’t be able to power it from the console.



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