How to fix Sims 4 video card error [6 working solutions]

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  • Although there can be many causes for this error, anybody can fix it using the solutions below.
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Fix The Sims 4 video card error

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Some players have posted about a Sims 4 unrecognized video card error on EA’s forum.

That error can occur for some players when they try to launch Sims 4.

The game displays the following error message: 

Can’t run The Sims 4 with the video card in this system.

However, the Sims 4 video card error can occur even when players have a graphics card that meets the game’s system requirements.

How do I fix the Sims 4 video card error?

1. Update the video card driver

The Sims 4 video card error might be due to an antiquated or corrupted graphics card driver.

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2. Use the Repair option in Origin

  1. Open the Origin game client software.
  2. Then click My Games.
  3. Right-click on Sims 4 to open its context menu.
    Repair Game options sims 4 video card error
  4. Then select the Repair game context menu option.

3. Disable Origin in-game

  1. Open the Origin window.
  2. Click the My Games library option.
  3. Next, right-click the Sims 4 game and select Properties.
    Enable Origin in Game option sims 4 video card error
  4. Deselect the Enable Origin in Game for Sims 4 option on the General tab.

4. Run Sims 4 in compatibility mode

  1. Right-click the Sims 4 shortcut or .exe file, and select Properties.
  2. Select the Compatibility tab.
    Compatibility tab sims 4 video card error
  3. Click the Run this program in compatibility mode for option.
  4. Then select Windows 8 on the OS drop-down menu.
  5. Select the Apply option to save settings.
  6. Click OK to exit the window.

5. Open Sims 4 in windows mode

  1. Right-click a desktop shortcut for Sims 4 and select Properties. (If you don’t have a shortcut for the game, add one to the desktop.)
  2. Add a -w to the end of the target path box as shown directly below. (Alternatively, you can also add the -window switch to the end of that path.)
    Shortcut tab sims 4 video card error
  3. Then click the Apply and OK buttons.
  4. Click the Sims 4 shortcut to launch the game.

Alternatively, you can right-click Sims 4 in Origin to select Game Properties. Then enter -w in the Command line arguments box on the Advanced Launch options tab, and click the Save button.

6. Disable mods for Sims 4

  1. Open File Explorer (press the Windows + E hotkeys).
  2. Open the Sims 4 folder.
  3. Then, look for Sims 4’s Mods folder.
  4. Select the Mods folder, and click the Move to button.
    Move to button sims 4 video card error
  5. Select Desktop inside the Move to menu.
  6. Next, restart Windows.
  7. Then try running Sims 4 again.

The above resolutions should fix the Sims 4 video card error for lots of players.

Note that the issue can also arise when a graphics card doesn’t meet the game’s minimum system requirements. Make sure to check this detail out as well.

Feel free to tell us which solutions worked for you, using the comments section below.

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