Snapchat app for Windows 10 Mobile is not coming

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If you’re an avid Windows 10 Mobile user who is young, hip, and managed to experience the likes of Android and iOS, then there’s a good chance you might be looking forward for an official Snapchat app to make it over to the Microsoft platform.

Back in late June of this year, Microsoft support claim Snapchat for Windows 10 Mobile was on its way. This got several users of Snapchat interested in Windows on mobile again, and even overjoyed by the news. The website, DeskModder, originally reveals the information, claiming it had held conversation with Microsoft support and the following was said in regards to Snapchat:

“There are plans to make it available in the future, we’ll give updates when that’s close. But as of now, it is not actually yet at the store app,” Microsoft Support said in the conversation. “I can just say that it will be available soon. We are communicating still with the app developer to verify when we can add it in the store. But for now, there’s still no exact date.”

Rudy Huyn, one of the most well-known Windows Phone developers out there, said one should never trust Microsoft support because they do not have information about which app is coming to the company’s mobile platform. He also said Snapchat is not working on an app in a conversation on Twitter, but that’s just his opinion.

“In my opinion, Snapchat is not coming (contrary to Winter), never trust supports, they don’t have access to this kind of information.”

He’s right about one thing, and that is, Microsoft support does not have information about the apps coming to either Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile. However, that doesn’t mean the Snapchat guys are not working on an app, but we may never know for sure until the horses sing.

With most major smartphone apps not coming to Windows 10 Mobile, and with phone revenues shrinking, Microsoft should put the platform out of its misery. We’re not sure if a Surface Phone in 2017 will save the platform, but anything is possible.



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