Want to play sniper games online? Here are the best options

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  • Having some good looking and entertaining online sniper games at your disposal is always a good idea if you enjoy this genre.
  • In this guide, we will explore some of the best sniper online games that include Y8, Gameflare, and other browser game websites.
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There are numerous online game websites that include various categories of web games. Sniper games are among the more popular browser-based games.

Thus, online game websites include a plethora of first-person sniper games that players can play to shoot down hostiles in their web browsers. If you fancy a bit of sniping action, check out some of these browser game websites.


You can play web-based games with lots of alternative browsers. However, Opera GX is one of the first browsers specifically designed for gaming.

Opera GX includes numerous gaming features, such as its GX game corner that keeps users updated with the latest game releases.

Opera GX

Opera GX

If you love gaming, you will surely fall in love with all the gaming-related features found in this amazing browser.

GX also incorporates system optimization tools, such as its RAM Limiter and Hot Tabs Killer.

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Agame.com sniper games online

Agame.com is a website that currently includes 104 sniper games for you to play. Among them, it includes some multiplayer sniper games you can play against other players.

Players can also register Agame.com member accounts. With membership, you can watch walkthrough videos for games, leave comments, and bookmark your favorite sniper games on the site.

⇒ Check out Agame

Y8 website sniper games online

Y8.com has a huge collection of browser-based sniper games amounting to 359 in total. So, you’ve certainly got plenty of sniper games to choose from at this website. A lot of those are Flash games, but there are also lots of Unity 3D, HTML 5, and WebGL games on Y8.


The Sift Heads games are among the most highly rated and widely played sniper games on this website. Sniper Clash 3D and Freefall Tournament are two of the most popular multiplayer sniper games on Y8, which the site’s stats highlight have had more than 35 million plays combined.

⇒ Check out Y8

Silvergames.com sniper games online

Silvergames.com doesn’t have an especially big collection of sniper games compared with Y8. However, there’s still a reasonable selection of sniper games you can get stuck into here.

This website includes video walkthroughs you can watch without any registration required. You can also play some of its sniper games at 100% full screen. Sniper Team, Sniper Team 2, and Krunker are among the most highly rated sniper games at Silvergames.com.

⇒ Check out Silvergames

Crazy Games sniper games online

Crazy Games is another website that doesn’t have a massive number of sniper games, but you’ve got still got 62 to choose from here. Furthermore, the Crazy Games collection is a compilation of some of the best sniper games online. The website says this:

We collected 62 of the best free online sniper games… They include new sniper games such as Winter Clash 3D and top sniper games such as Rooftop Snipers, Ghost Sniper, and Sniper Attack 3D.

⇒ Check out Crazy Games

Gameflare.com sniper games online

At Gameflare.com, you can currently play 77 online sniper games. Game-loading times on this site are a little longer primarily because an ad is displayed for about 15 seconds before each game starts up.

However, this website still includes a decent crop of sniping games to play. Stealth Sniper 2, Sniper Team 2, War of Soldiers, Stick Squad, and Sniper Clash 3D are among the most highly rated sniper games on this website. Registered players can also leave comments on Gameflare’s game pages.

⇒ Check out Gameflare

This list includes a variety of sniper game options. Check these websites out and find the best sniper game online. The options we presented in this guide include plenty of games for sniping frolics, and also a wide range of browser-based games for other genres.

FAQ: Read more about playing sniper games online

  • Isn’t Flash going to be obsolete soon?

Yes, Flash will be obsolete by the end of 2020; if you want, explore some Flash games before that happens.

  • Can I download my favorite Flash sniper games?

No, you can’t download the Flash games directly from their websites but you can play sniper games online. Check out the best browser to play online games.

  • Can I customize the keyboard controls or utilize gamepads for sniper games online?

No, none of the above websites include any options to change the keyboard controls or use gamepads for their browser games.