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Download BatteryInfoView for Windows 10

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BatteryInfoView is an application you can use to test your laptop battery and find out helpful information, such as capacity. It’s created for Windows laptops and notebooks. In addition to facilitating rich information about your battery, it gives you the possibility to save these details to file.

Most people prefer using laptops and notebooks over desktops due their portability. It’s clearly more convenient, especially if you’re a freelancer or simply someone who likes to travel.

Although there are several laptops specifically designed with extended battery capacity, they tend to decrease their lifespan over time. Instead of three remaining hours, you might have just several minutes left.

Therefore, it’s crucial to monitor your laptop’s battery life and check out the current charge. If you’re careful enough, you will eliminate the risk of losing unsaved work due to an unexpected dead battery. And we think that BatteryInfoView is the right tool for the job.


Our Review

Shows extensive battery-related details
Logs battery events
Free to use
Doesn't support notifications

Before getting our final verdict for BatteryInfoView, let’s take a look at its system requirements, installation and interface, together with set of features.

BatteryInfoView system requirements

The tool doesn’t have any special requirements. It works with the following Windows versions:

  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and older (both 32-bit and 64-bit)

BatteryInfoView installation and interface

You don’t need to go through a setup wizard with BatteryInfoView since it’s wrapped in a portable format. Once you download the tiny ZIP file, you just have to unwrap the archive and double-click the launcher to bring up the main application window.

When it comes to the interface, the program has a simple window that doesn’t include any flashy graphical elements. All battery-related information is automatically detected at startup and loaded in this area.

You should also know that all program settings are automatically saved to a CFG-formatted configuration file, which is created by BatteryInfoView in the same location.

BatteryInfoView features

Once you get comfortable around BatteryInfoView’s interface, here’s what you can do:

  • View in-depth information about your battery: name and manufacturer, serial number, manufacturing data, power state, current capacity (in % and value), fully charged and original capacity, health, voltage, charge and discharge rate, chemical components, low battery capacity, number of charge and discharge cycles, as well as remaining and full battery time for the current activity or battery charging
  • View battery logging events about low battery as well as suspended, resumed and resumed (critical) computer
  • Easily toggle battery information and logging mode using a keyboard shortcut
  • Locate any piece of information with a simple search tool
  • Create and save reports in TXT, CSV, HTML, or XML format
  • Place a program icon in the systray for easy access
  • Specify the time interval for auto-refreshing the battery info and event logging pages
  • Customize battery logging by excluding any type of events
  • Instruct the tool to auto-update a file with new battery log details

Easy-to-use battery information viewer

Taking everything into consideration, BatteryInfoView proves to be an easy-to-use application for helping you get comprehensive details about your laptop’s battery, monitor important battery events, and generally keep an eye on your laptop’s battery health.

For example, you can use BatteryInfoView to compare the current battery capacity to its original, designated capacity. If the difference is significant, you might want to consider replacing your battery.

As you would expect from such a lightweight application, it doesn’t put a strain on system resources. And it can be easily used by anyone, even casual PC users with no experience in hardware.

The only downside of BatteryInfoView is that it’s not designed to notify you on battery events which aren’t already taken into account by Windows (for instance, if it drops below a certain number of charge/discharge cycles).

FAQ: Learn more about BatteryInfoView

  • What is battery wear level?

The battery wear level is the difference between the original and current capacity. For instance, if the original capacity was 57,704 mWh and the current is 56,000 mWh, the battery weal level is almost 3%. In BatteryInfoView, the battery wear level is the opposite value of the Battery Health field.

  • How do you create a battery report?

To create a battery report with BatteryInfoView, open the View menu and click HTML Report – All items. Alternatively, select all items from the battery information list, open the File menu to click Save Selected Items (or press Ctrl + S), then specify a file name, type, and saving folder.

  • Is BatteryInfoView safe?

BatteryInfoView is 100% safe. It’s a legitimate software solution created by NirSoft to help you get more details about your computer battery. It’s doesn’t contain malware. NirSoft is a popular software developer thanks to its wide range of practical freeware tools.

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