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Turning your computer into a virtual router brings a lot of benefits, like sharing your Ethernet connection with other devices that only support Wi-Fi. You can provide Internet access to your friends, extend the range of your home router instead of buying another piece of equipment, and even enjoy multiplayer games with your peers without Internet access.

There are several software solutions dedicated to this task, and we think that one of the best is MHotSpot. It’s a small-sized tool that turns your device into a Wi-Fi hotspot in just a few simple steps.

No previous experience is necessary, so MHotSpot can be handled even by casual PC users. What’s more, the application is completely free to use, so you can test all its features to see if it’s the right fit for you.


Our Review

Share your LAN, Ethernet, data card, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connection
Up to 10 clients can connect
Customize the name of your new Wi-Fi connection
Free to use
Many third-party offers during setup

Let’s take a look at the system requirements, installation process, getting started with MHotSpot, as well as its set of features before finding out our verdict for this hotspot creator.

MHotSpot system requirements

The software solution has modest prerequisites and should work on most computers:

  • Windows 10, 8, 7
  • At least 1.6Mb of free disk space
  • Administrative rights

How to install MHotSpot

After downloading the lightweight setup file of MHotSpot, you can begin installation to go through familiar wizard stages, like accepting the license agreement, as well as modifying the default setup folder and program shortcuts.

However, you shouldn’t rush through setup because MHotSpot offers to download and install a bunch of third-party applications. Make sure to decline any third-party offers or clear their install boxes if you’re not interested, in order to make a clean MHotSpot setup.

How to use MHotSpot

As soon as you finish installing MHotSpot, the tool launches and greets you with simple instructions, like making sure that your computer’s Wi-Fi access is enabled.

The main window stays on top of other applications and minimizes to the taskbar and system tray, too. However, you can control this behavior from the settings panel. Also, it should go without saying that MHotSpot must remain active to keep your virtual Wi-Fi connection alive.

Turn your PC into a virtual Wi-Fi router with MHotSpot

Taking everything into consideration, MHotSpot turns out to be a simple but effective utility that can help you share your Internet connection by using your PC as a Wi-Fi router.

It’s wrapped in a user-friendly interface, features intuitive controls, and has minimal impact on the system’s performance. What’s more, if you encounter any problems, like driver errors, MHotSpot has a troubleshooting page on standby.

The biggest downside of MHotSpot is that it has too many third-party offers during setup. Because of this, some users will refuse to install the hotspot maker due to the risk of installing malware.

MHotSpot FAQ

  • Is MHotSpot free?

Yes, MHotSpot is completely free to use. There are no time limitations or feature restrictions.

  • Is MHotSpot safe?

Yes, MHotSpot is safe to use. Some antivirus engines might incorrectly flag MHotSpot as malware but that’s because it offers third-party applications during setup.

  • Which is the best WiFi hotspot software for PC?

MHotSpot is at the top of our list when it comes to the best Wi-Fi hotspot software solutions for your Windows 10. However, if you want to check out other similar products, you can try MyPublicWifi, HostedNetworkStarter, and 160 WiFi Free Software OSTotoHotspot.

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