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How to download OBS and start streaming [Windows & Mac]

GameApplication / Free / Linux, Mac, Windows, Windows 10, Windows 7 / Version 25.0.8 /
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OBS Studio is a very useful software that has been created by a conglomerate of people across the globe, thus making it completely free for use. You have the freedom to create recordings of your screen without any limits, choose a quality of output that fits your needs, and you can also stream at the same time.

This feature is extremely useful especially for people that work in the videography industry, have a youtube channel, or use other streaming platforms.

OBS Studio contains a variety of incredible features that can simplify the process of screen recording and streaming considerably.



Our Review

Easy to use and add a variety of video sources
Great processing performance
Easily converts recorder files
Accesible ptions for both bitrate and output size
Great video quality output
Overwhelming user interface
In some cases recordings are still being produced even if the software is turned off
Frequent updates that can be annoying
No timecode and countdown cues



Overview of OBS Studio features

  • Easy to use configuration options

    Can easily duplicate existing sources, add new ones, and modify properties for each of the items.



  • Unlimited number of scenes

    The custom transitions feature allows you to switch between the scenes seamlessly.

  • Intuitive audio mixer

    The audio mixer offers a variety of filters – noise impression, noise gate, gain; Capabilities extend even further with full VST plugin support.


  • Modular UI

    The interface’s elements can be swapped, moved, and re-arranged without any limits, enabling you to optimize your working space.

  • Real time video/audio capturing and mixing

    Can create scenes compiled out of multiple sources – images, text, webcams, browser, window captures, etc.

  • Comprehensive settings panel

    Streamlined access to any information or option from this software, ensures that your output is exactly as you want it.

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OBS Studio

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