Steam does not remember my password [FIX]

Madalina Dinita
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Steam does not remember credentials

Are you trying to log in into your Steam account but your client does not remember your password?

A lot of user reported this issue, and even though it might seem small, it can get really frustrating at some point.

Following our guide below, you should be able to solve this inconvenience in no time, with just a few easy steps.

Steam won’t save my password: How can I fix that?

We know that this problem can be really annoying, especially for the ones with long and complicated passwords or the ones using 2fa so we made a list of several solutions that we hope will come in your aid:

  1. Don’t save credentials on this device
  2. Delete the Steam local folder
  3. Disable VPN
  4. Re-install Steam
  5. Disable CCleaner
  6. Set Launch Options

1. Don’t save credentials on this device

The most common reason for this issue is quite simple. If you go under the Settings tab in Steam, you will find the Account section.

At the bottom of this section you will find a checkbox that says don’t save account credentials on this computer. 

In order for your Steam client to save your credentials each time you log in, this checkbox needs to remain unchecked.

However, even if this box is unchecked you will still need to tick the Remember my password button before you log in.

2. Delete the Steam local folder

One other known workaround for this upsetting issue is removing the local Steam folder on your device.

In order to do so, you will have to go do C:usersappdatalocal and just remove the Steam folder.

Applications store their user-specific files and settings in Appdata,  so, just to be sure you can create a backup of the folder.appdata

Even though no essential data should be lost by getting rid of the folder, it’s better to be on the safe side.

3. Disable VPN

Sometimes, when you are connected on an open Wi-Fi network, or when you want some extra security, you will use a VPN Software.

Even though having some extra security is a good thing, sometime it can backfire.

In this case, the IP change caused by the VPN can sometimes lead to your Steam App to continuously ask for your credentials.

4. Re-install Steam

In some cases, when everything else fails, the only answer is the most unpleasant one.

Even though it might seem like a temporary solution, this might not be the case.

Due to constant Windows updates, and patching, sometimes certain permission issues can unexpectedly occur.

Steam would need permission to read/write to whatever location it is storing the password in order to remember it for your future logging in.

Considering that after the update, it no longer has the permission, this exact remembering password issue can occur.

5. Disable CCleaner

If you are using CCleaner or any other PC optimization software  you might want to disable it as it clears the Steam Cache. You can also try and do this before re-installing the Steam client just to be sure.

6. Set launch options

Steam launch options can be used to change game settings, to enable certain features, and even create a shortcut to bypass the Steam login window.

In order to do this you will have to follow a few easy steps.

  1. Navigate to your Steam installation (by default this is located at C:Program FilesSteam)
  2. Right-click on Steam.exe (this file is listed as an application and features the black and white Steam logo) and select Create Shortcut
  3. Right-click on the new shortcut and go to Properties
  4. Select the Shortcut tab
  5. In the Target: field add the launch options which you would like to use, in this case -login
  6. Click Apply and then OK to close the Properties window

What this option does is that it bypasses the Steam log-in info by entering your information.

However, it is important to ensure the security of your account.

Do not use the -login launch option on shared computers or any machines which may be accessed by other users.


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