This Stock is Not Supported on Robinhood

Find out why some stocks are not supported on Robinhood

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  • Getting this error message after buying stock on Robinhood can be an annoying issue.
  • Today we explore the reasons for which some stock is not supported on the Robinhood trading app.
  • Alternatively, we will also be recommending another service to use when Robinhood is down.
  • Continue reading below to learn how to fix the This stock is not supported on Robinhood error.
stock not supported on robinhood

Robinhood is a popular American financial services company. It operates as Robinhood Financial, trading commission-free stocks, ETFs, and options, and Robinhood Crypto, used to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

The platform trades only US-listed stock; namely, they trade only what can be found in the American exchanges.

According to Robinhood, they don’t support stocks that trade on foreign exchanges. That being said,  they do support certain American Depository Receipts (ADRs) and some stocks that trade on Canadian and Israeli exchanges.

It is also worth noting that depending on your location, you may also be eligible to trade certain cryptocurrencies through Robinhood Crypto.

Why do I get This stock is not supported on Robinhood message?

On fri i bought 9 shares of vtl. Now today it doesnt show in my list of stocks i own. When i went to look at my buy sell list it shows there i bought it and i went to veiw it and it doesnt say its supported on robinhood.

This is a common situation when trading stock – namely, users buy stock that becomes unavailable on the platform they are using.

As mentioned before, Robinhood only trades US stock. However, if a certain stock is unavailable from the very beginning, the user should not see a Buy button.

As it is, this particular user might have had the option to buy, but then the not supported message appeared after a few days.

Also according to Robinhood, this might happen for a few reasons:

  • The exchange has paused trading.
  • The stock was delisted from the major exchanges and trades in the OTC market.
  • It’s a foreign security, which we don’t support.
  • The security is undergoing a corporate action (i.e. merger).

What can I do if my stock is no longer supported?

If a stock is delisted and no longer supported by Robinhood, users are able to sell it in the market, without being able to purchase additional shares.

Also, since trading prices are no longer visible for that stock, users have to find references elsewhere.

If you have problems with supported stocks on Robinhood, there’s no need to worry since it isn’t the only service of its kind on the market, with many more being available that can do the same thing as Robinhood, or more.

For example, TradingView is also perfectly capable of free stock trading, it has a fast and easy account opening process, it is a great mobile trading platform that is also available as a web app.


Stock trading can be done from the safety and comfort of your own home. Enjoy the benefits of TradingView!

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We hope our answer was helpful and that your portfolio was not affected to a high extent. Feel free to give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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