Surface Phone coming in April of 2017 after Redstone 2 update?

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Windows 10 Mobile in its current form is a huge mess, but Microsoft is not giving up and is planning to revitalize its mobile ambitions with new smartphones in 2017. Why 2017 you ask? Well, reports are saying the software giant is gunning for the Surface Phone, and it should launch some time in April of that year.

The boys over at Windows Central got wind of some interesting information that suggests Microsoft is hoping to launch the Surface Phone come April of 2017. The publication also seem to explain why there’s no love for Windows 10 Mobile in 2016. Apparently, the plan here is to launch the Surface Phone alongside the Redstone 2 update. This update is expected to bring some well needed features and improvements to the platform overall.

Interestingly enough, the report claims Microsoft is also working on Redstone 3 for Windows 10. The thing is, the update should bring several mobile related innovations to the forefront, so it would appear as if the year 2017 is the year Windows on mobile will finally feel like a platform worth our monetary and timely investment.

We find it difficult that Microsoft could be planning a Redstone 3 update at this time seeing as Redstone 1 is still being worked on, and work on Redstone 2 has not yet begun. Still, anything is possible as Microsoft prepares to compete with Google and Apple after years of disappointments.

What about the Surface Phone and what should we expect from that?

We’re expecting the Surface Phone to be the most secure smartphone in the world. When it comes down to productivity, no other device should compare because Microsoft is king of the productivity apps that helps people get work done. We also want this phone to be the beginning of the rise of Windows on mobile and not the nail in its coffin, but Microsoft should already know this by now.

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Yes, I have the same experience as Scott Z. I love my windows phone, but I need 2-3 apps that I cannot get on the windows phone. So, what should I do? I am considering purchasing a small Apple something, perhaps an iPod, just to get those 2-3 apps. Because the Windows phone works great, and all my applications are synchronized, but I cannot get those apps. – Therefore I am also waiting for a better Surface Phone, and hopefully they will come out with a new Band too for fitness and health activities, the Microsoft Band 3 or maybe they will call it Surface Band (?) – Let’s hope ….

I love my Windows 950 XL phone. The interface is fast, the camera is great. I can swap batteries, SD cards or even the rear case. That being said I use a Nexus 6p because I have about 4 apps I do not want to live without. Sad since I really do like Windows Phone more. The Nexus 6p is ok. Wish I could add a SD. I had a Motorola Pure that was better then the Nexus but it went for a swim. I recently moved my SIM back to my 950 and was very happy until I needed those apps again. The chicken and the egg thing really has MS stuck on the mobile front.

I heard the issue was with Verizon. The 950 would work on Verizon’s network, but Verizon blocked it. Therefore, Microsoft turned off CDMA on the phone. Blame Verizon, not Microsoft.

If Microsoft had submitted the phones for CDMA certification, Verizon Wireless would have to let them onto it’s network. If it tried to block access, the FCC would slap VZW with fines and, possibly, revoke licenses to operate at certain frequencies.

Also, VZW isn’t the only CDMA carrier. Sprint and US Cellular also use the same technology and operate independent of VZW. If, by some fluke, VZW was able to block, that wouldn’t mean that the phones couldn’t be usable on other CDMA networks.

The reason or non-CDMA Windows Mobile devices is cost cutting on the part of Microsoft and other OEMs.