System Shock Remastered gameplay trailer released for Windows PC

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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System Shock Remastered gameplay trailer

You probably aren’t familiar with System Shock, and we don’t blame you — it was released way back in 1994. For its time, though, System was a revolutionary game, exposing gamers to a truly innovative experience by combining elements of a first-person roleplaying games with horror and sci-fi all into one.

This unusual combination was received exceptionally well by gamers, with System Shock going on to achieve monumental success. In fact, the game was so successful it received a sequel in 1999. Sadly, though, this is where the story of the System Shock series comes to an end. In May 2000, Looking Glass Studios, one of the most innovative game developers, went out of business and thereby bringing the end of System Shock series.

Night Dive Studios released System Shock Remastered gameplay trailer

Although the future of System Shock series looked rather grim, a development team by the name of Night Dive Studios resurrected the popular series when it released System Shock: Enhanced Edition in 2015. Enhanced Edition didn’t offer anything new, but it allowed players with modern operating systems to enjoy the original game at higher resolutions.

System Shock: Enhanced Edition got hearty reception from fans of original game, and that reception compelled Night Dive Studios to embark on a new project: System Shock Remastered. The upcoming System Shock game will revamp the 22-year-old classic by updating it to a more modern engine — in this case, Unity. In addition to the new engine, System Shock Remastered will also improve the user interface.

Night Dive Studios released its first System Shock Remastered trailer that includes in-game scenes from the pre-alpha version. Although the trailer depicts the early stages of the game, we have to admit that System Shock looks incredible with new textures and new Unity engine.

All aspects of the original game are here: the dark and narrow corridors of Citadel Station along with game’s memorable villain SHODAN. This is a truly amazing remake that incorporates everything that made the original game special and combinung that with a modern game engine.

According to reports, System Shock Remastered will be available for PC and Xbox One in 2017 although the exact release date remains unknown. Check out the pre-alpha trailer below:

  • Wonder where does this fit. In an era of games with awesome gfx and complex game play I don’t think that there is any room for games like this.