Is The Division 2 coming to Xbox Series X? We don’t think so

Ubisoft revealed that a native, Xbox Series X/S version of The Division 2 is unlikely to happen.

by Rafly Gilang
Rafly Gilang
Rafly Gilang
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  • Ubisoft revealed that a native, Xbox Series X/S version of The Division 2 is unlikely to happen.
  • The reason? To accommodate players on older consoles.
  • A questionable decision from Ubisoft?

Ubisoft’s camp just revealed that the native version for newer-generation consoles, like Xbox Series X/S, for its hit The Division 2 is unlikely to come. Their reason is to accommodate players in the older-gen consoles.

Speaking to MP1st, creative director Yannick Banchereau said that the decision is taken because utilizing all the new-gen features would require removing support for the game on older generations, and there are still quite a lot of players on those consoles that still actively tune into the game. 

“That’s unlikely because if we really wanted to take full advantage of those, since we only have one version of the game that is available on all platforms, taking full advantage of those would mean that the game would no longer be available on the old generations.

We still have a lot of players that play on all generations and we are not ready to leave them behind and ask them to upgrade. Right now we are trying to make sure every time we add something, it still runs smoothly on the old gen as well.”

Can I still play The Division 2 in 4K, albeit without its native Xbox Series X or S version?

The short answer is yes. 

Although it’s not the native version of the game, Ubisoft released a patch to slap 60 fps ability at 2K resolution for newer gen consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S back in 2021, although there are no specific additional improvements or features. Also, you may still remember that Far Cry 6 is getting a 60 fps update earlier this year. 

Earlier this year, the game’s developers also said that Season 1 of Year 5 will launch in early June and test servers for PC players have started. 

Starting this summer, a rogue-lite feature called Descent Mode will begin to roll out for free for all agents. 

Has Ubisoft made the right decision with not releasing an Xbox Series X version of The Division 2? Let us know in the comments!

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