The new Windows 11 Store will get to Windows 10 users

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Windows 10 users will get the new Microsoft Store through a background update to the operating system.
  • The upgrade not only comes with a new interface but also several notable features.
  • Windows 11 users will ot receive support for Android applications.

The Windows Store has faced a lot of challenges for quite sometime now, Microsoft has previously attempted to avail a more mobile-style integrated platform on Windows 11.

However, since then Microsoft has made a couple of changes based on the previous failures they had made. They have made improvements in terms of designs.

However, the design is still a bit lifeless because of the lack of overall content  Microsoft is quite impressed by the new version, they are even planning to avail the same version for Windows 10.

The shiny new Microsoft Store experience was availed to Windows 10 users through a background update to the operating system. The upgrade was noted by Bleeping Computer late last week.

What’s new

The upgrade is mainly about shifting to a new interface, it also comes with a couple of notable features. For instance, the Microsoft Store can now handle various program types such as the ultra-thin Progressive Web Apps and Universal Windows Platform applications to Win32 and NET programs.

Users should also expect future upgrades to both Windows 11 and Windows 10. The Xbox app will now be able to download PC games to user-selected directories with better support for modifications.

No Android support for Windows 11

Windows 11 users do not have the support for Android apps that was highlighted during its announcement. This will help bypass the Universal Windows Platform format’s inability to catch on. MacOS and Chrome OS can now install apps from iOS and Android. 

However, the feature will not make its way back to Windows 10 especially once it is widely available.

Roll out

Users should therefore expect the updated Windows Store experience next month, however, it will be rolled out in phases. Although there will be no fundamental changes off the bat. There is still plenty of room for improvement that Microsoft needs to make on the Store app, this goes beyond the UI.

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