Gamers say Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is too complicated

by Madalina Dinita
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Total War THREE KINGDOMS gameplay feedback

Total War: Three Kingdoms is a turn-based real-time strategy game, developed by Creative Assembly. Three Kingdoms is the 12th edition of the Total War series and it’s scheduled for release on May the 23rd, 2019.

The action in Total War’s revolves around unifying China and becoming the supreme leader.

Players can choose between 12 factions, having to fight against the other 11.

Total War: Three Kingdoms gameplay viewed as too complicated by online gamers

First of all, people said that the User Interface is too similar to that of previous versions.

In the game version that will soon launch, the game developers added many features that user can customize to their liking. For some, adding too many features to the UI becomes a handful though.

Lots of little nick nacks to configure and consider in the gameplay footage. More complicated than warhammer 2 you think?

Many users would prefer not having too many options to turn on and off, and would rather have a simpler, more fluent gameplay.

Making the game too complex is a concern many people have, saying that it takes away from the fun of the game.

Another gameplay issue that users point out regards the combat process. Apparently after engaging in a fight, it is very hard to pull out units, without immediately losing a big part of the unit.

Online critics seem pessimistic about the game devs adding gameplay improvements before the release date.

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