TradingView annual plan deals [Promotion 2022]

by Teodor Nechita
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  • Hardware manufacturers and software developers are all joining the Holiday Sales phenomenon.
  • This includes a helpful trading platform and world leader in online trading and market research.
  • Software deals happen anytime, yet this incredible sale will give you worthwhile discounts.
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We live in an age where you can literally make money by sitting at home, and all you need to do is trade stocks, watch the market, and make judicious predictions of what might happen next.

Of course, their requirements limit the number of people that can actually do it, except if you use dedicated software or an online service like TradingView.

Since its purpose is to make you money, why not spend less on it now, while they are having their Black Friday sales?

How to save up to 50% on TradingView annual plans?

For those of you that haven’t used the platform yet, TradingView is an online web-based trading service that provides you with real-time data and browser-based charts.

Do not be afraid of all that complicated data you have on the charts. The tools will help you understand its UI/UX and come with great support.

These let you do your research from anywhere since there are no installations or complex setups and all you need is an Internet connection.

To be more precise, the Tradingview platform is a technical analysis tool with a plethora of functions. Tradingview offers paper trading with a preset virtual balance of $100,000. It keeps track of all paper trading orders and shows how much profit or loss is made on the trades you make.

Tradingview also has a screening feature that allows you to shortlist companies based on both fundamental and technical factors.

Depending on the toolset you plan on taking, there are currently 3 subscription plans:

  • Pro
    • -30% off ⇒ save $53/year
  • Pro+
    • – 40% off ⇒ save $144/year
  • Premium
    • – 50% off ⇒ save $359/year

If you want an even better deal, you can participate in TradingView’s referral program, and inviting a friend to use the service will score you both an extra $30.


Start trading like a pro and see your finances grow with the help of this highly intuitive and resourceful online service!

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At first, online trading may seem scary, but if you have a reliable tool by your side, there’s nothing to worry about. More so, since you can now get TradingView at such a massive discount, you can end up making money with half the initial investment as before.

Also, Trading View is an excellent place to simply learn about the markets in real-time and get a lot of useful data that will help you understand the investing world.

Does this Black Friday deal make you want to try your skills in online trading? Let us know in the comments section below.

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