How to fix Trusteer Rapport problems in Windows 10

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  • Trusteer is a computer security division of IBM responsible for security software.
  • The article below will be looking over what you can do to fix common Trusteer problems.
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Trusteer Rapport

Trusteer Rapport is a  software that adds a layer of security to your antivirus software. The program protects your confidential data such as your bank account details from malicious software or unauthorized personnel and is currently being used by most banks

Trustee Rapport also allows you to apply Rapport’s protection to other websites that you exchange sensitive information with.

When you connect to your online bank, Trusteer Rapport performs 3 security checks in the background that makes it hard for criminals to hijack your account:

  • It verifies that you have connected to the genuine bank’s website and not to a counterfeit created for fraudulent purposes.
  • Once verification is complete, it securely locks down communication between your computer and the bank’s website.
  • Rapport also protects your internet connection along with your computer from malware, creating a safe communication line with your bank.

Though the program does a stellar job at keeping your confidential data from fraudulent hands, it’s not without problems. Users have encountered some problems such as conflicts with antivirus programs, slow performance, Rapport not running, just to mention a few.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to fix some of these issues in Windows 10.

How do I fix Truesteer Rapport issues in Windows 10?

Table of contents: 

  1. How to tell whether Trusteer Rapport is working
  2. Rapport Icon is missing
  3. Trusteer Rapport icon is not appearing on Microsoft Edge
  4.  “Certificate Error Navigation Blocked” in Microsoft Edge
  5. Rapport conflicts with your Antivirus in Windows 10

1. How to tell whether Trusteer Rapport is working

When Rapport is working, it should show an IBM Security Trusteer Rapport icon on the top left corner of your browser’s address bar.

The icon should either be green or gray in color. When you visit a page protected by Rapport, the icon should turn green as shown below.

When you visit a page that is not protected by Rapport, the icon will appear gray as shown below.

2. Rapport Icon is missing

If Rapport icon is missing in your Windows PC, it could be due to one of the 3 reasons outlined below.

  1. Your browser is not supported.
  2. You might have removed the icon from the address bar
  3. Trusteer Rapport is not running

2.1 Your Browser is not supported

Trusteer Rapport supports the following browsers on Windows operating systems.

2.2. You have removed the icon from the address bar

Removing the icon does not prevent Rapport from protecting you. If you wish to restore the icon, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the start button and follow this path:
    • Programs > Trusteer Endpoint Protection > Trusteer Endpoint Protection console.
  2. Just next to the address bar icon, click Show
  3. Restart your computer and the icon will reappear.

2.3. Trusteer Rapport is not running

The icon will not appear if Rapport is not running. To fix this, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the start button and go to programs
  2. Under programs, navigate to Trusteer Endpoint protection.
  3. Click Start Trusteer Endpoint Protection and the program will start running.

3. Trusteer Rapport icon is not appearing on Microsoft Edge

Though Trusteer Rapport supports Microsoft Edge, the green icon does not appear in the address bar.

Instead, the Rapport client will present a temporary alert as shown when you access protected sites.

Trusteer Rapport on Microsoft EdgeWhen using the Edge browser, you will not be able to manually protect additional websites. However, the browser will automatically protect all the websites that you added to rapport protection using other protected browsers.

Currently, the company is working on a plugin that will display the Rapport icon, and it will be incorporated into the future versions of Rapport.

4. Certificate Error Navigation Blocked in Microsoft Edge

Though this error normally occurs when the date on your PC is incorrect, users reported that the problem occurred after they installed Trusteer Rapport.

This error prevents users from accessing their favorite websites. If you are experiencing this error when using Microsoft Edge, you might want to consider uninstalling or disabling Trusteer Rapport.

5. Rapport conflicts with your antivirus in Windows 10

Many users reported problems when installing Rapport. Others reported conflict between Norton and Trusteer. This shows there can be conflicts when more than one real time scanners are running at the same time. The following excerpt from Wikipedia corroborates the incompatibility factor with some antivirus programs

End users have reported problems with Rapport, slow PCs due to high CPU and RAM utilization, incompatibility with various security/antivirus products and difficulty in removing the software.

IBM explains that any antivirus set to a very high level of protection may cause the installation to fail. If this is your case, you may want to temporarily disable the antivirus and try again.

On the other hand, you could also go for an antivirus alternative that has been proven to provide maximum protection within minimal system interferences, an antivirus like Bitdefender Antivirus Plus.

Once you’ve installed it, you gain access snot just to an antivirus tool, but also to a password manager, a firewall, a VPN, and much much more.

Additionally, turning it on and off has never been simpler, with just a push of a button from the dashboard, and you’re done.

Moreover, It is a known fact that Trusteer needs to work together with an antivirus, and it was shown that it has the greatest compatibility with Bitdefender.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

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If this does not fix your Trusteer Rapport problems, you can send your problem report directly from the Rapport Console.

You will need to fill out a form under the Help and support page, and submit.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2018 and has been since revamped and updated in September 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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  • Trusteer for IE is Very problematic and support is just the same. After Windows update 1803 Trusteer crashes IE11. Contacted IBM Trusteer and they were of no help, only pointing the finger. Created four test cases and sent logs and all IBM could do is deflect. It is a shame there is not another option other than trusteer.

  • If your using Rapport Trusteer & this happens to you->During BOOT UP/ POST , Windows informs you that RapportKELL.sys is an unsigned driver…stops you at boot..can not get to safe mode. Solution: take out hard drive & put into another PC..or use a USB Hard drive caddy. Open up windows explorer & go directly to the .sys file located by this default path C:WindowsSystem32driversRapportKELL.sys . Right click on the file & select “Restore previous versions” ….it will do a search…highlight an “earlier” restore point & click on ok. Wait a second. Done. Unhook hard drive & put it back into regular PC & boot up. Then uninstall all of RAPPORT TRUSTEER.

  • This article is a bit out of date – Rapport 1804.161 is SUPPOSED to be compatible with FireFox 56, but it is NOT fully functional (cannot add new sites to the icon fly-out), and those updating to FF 56.02, find that Rapport add-in gets removed altogether (needs “signing” apparrently). It should be OK on Chrome.

  • Following installation of the Creator’s update, neither of our home desktops will run Edge with Trusteer Endpoint protection turned on. It appears to load without supporting data, (favourites etc) and then vanishes after about half a minute. Switch off the Trusteer software and no problems apparent. On one desktop, Edge later functioned for 1 day only with Trusteer on after another update (I did not test the other desktop).