5 best Twitch extensions anybody should use [Complete list]

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  • Twitch browser extensions are perfect for enhancing the overall experience for both followers and streamers.
  • Using an extension that allows for interaction while watching the favorite channel, is the best way to go.
  • Another great Twitch browser extensions is one that allows for users to participate in the adventure, alongside the streamer.
  • A Twitch browser extensions that offers the possibility to create min games or loyalty points, is definitely worth using.
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Twitch extensions offer streamers the possibility to create live apps and most importantly, to interact with the stream.

The interaction can happen as a panel via a channel or on a chat, depending on your preferences.

The greater the extensions the more interactive will be the experiences you’ll be able to create, such as mini games, leaderboards, live gear information and more.

In this article we’ve put together a list with the most impressive Twitch extensions we’d recommend you use, so make sure to keep on reading.

Quick tip

Opera GX is a game dedicated browser meaning that this browser comes with gaming services integrated already.

When using Opera GX you will se in the side bar the Twitch integration, allowing you to see all the channels you follow and receive notifications instantly.

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Opera GX

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What are the best extensions I can use with Twitch?


The extension comes with more than just amazing design but a complete package from where you can choose one of the three available packages.

You can select what you need in terms of available features, allowing you to create a channel that looks professional.

Moreover, if you are just a beginner in the Twitch streaming world, on the own3d.tv website you’ll find available more tutorials to help you get started.

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Streamlabs puts at your disposal a system of extensions, such as Alert Box that makes monetization quite simple and helps you enhance your channel.

With this one in all tool you can earn loyalty points, request songs, enter giveaways, and play mini games.

All these are creative options that will make users come back again and again on your channel.

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With StreamLegends channel communities can build guilds and participate in quests, which makes it one of the best extensions out there.

It allows steamers to have fun, play during steam creating an overall more interactive environment for all the users involved.

Thanks to Stream Legends the streamer’s audience can interact and participate in a unique way, participating all together in the adventure.

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Washington Post News Ticker

The Washington Post News Ticker is, as the name indicates, a Twitch extension that allows a channel’s followers to stay updated with the news.

Since being involved in a game or following a channel can be time consuming, having the news right there in the feed is perfect.

You can simply scroll through the headlines, and click on any if you want to actually read the entire story.

Get Washington Post News Ticker


As the name suggests it, MasterOverwatch has been created for streamers that play the team-based multiplayer Overwatch.

This fantastic extension displays all the on-screen stats that are needed while playing Overwatch games.

It’s an extension that has gathered a lot of fans since its first appearance and we also think it’s worth giving it a try.

Get MasterOverwatch

Whether you are an advance Twitch user or just beginning, using an extension that will enhance your experience is important.

We hope that you will explore the list presented in this article and let us know in the comments section below which extension worked best for you.

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