8 best typewriter software to use on PC

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Typewriter software to use on PC

Remember the rickety old typewriter? Yes, the one wherein you had no autocorrect or backspace buttons.

Typewriter software tools are those that simulate the old machine and it employs a barebones UI matching with the typewriters of yesteryears.

Yes, the market is flooded with word processors but not many mimic the process of writing on a typewriter.

Many users find the minimal word processors to be inspiring in nature and also distraction-free.

Let’s take a look at some of the best typewriter software solutions that can be downloaded right away.

What’s the best typewriter software to use on your PC?

Typing Tutor (recommended)

install Typing Tutor

You must have heard of Typing Tutor since it is one of those premium typewriter software applications available for quickly learning speed typing, 10-key, and touch typing.

As one of the most feature-rich typing software tools on the current market, get ready for an initial skills test, multiple typing lessons, and intuitive exercises that include poems or prose.

The greatest advantage is that all these are offered in such a manner that Typing Tutor is suited for experienced users who don’t need to learn the basics and newbies alike.

After all, schools and institutions have been using it for years to improve students’ typing skills in a fun and intuitive way.

These are some key features that Typing Tutor brings to the table:

  • Quick and easy operation
  • Fun and engaging interface
  • Adaptive learning for all skill levels
  • Various exercises to develop and further boost typing speed and precision
  • Dictation audio exercises
  • Printable course completion certificates
Typing Tutor

Typing Tutor

Eager to try out Typing Tutor? Enjoy unlimited ongoing use of all professional features billed $4.14 quarterly!
$1.38/mo. Buy it now

Typing Master 10

grab Typing Master 10

Mistake not, the Typing Master 10 is not yet another word processor instead it is a program that helps people improve their typing speed and accuracy.

The tool provides over 10 hours of customized exercises in order to guide you professionally.

The makers of the Typing Master 10 claim that your typing speed will increase and thus allow users to be more productive.

Apart from the actual course the program also comes with Typing Games, Typing Analysis Widget, and a customized review panel for your accuracy.

Download Typing Master 10 now 

Q10 Writing Tool

try out Q10 Writing Tool

This is one of the most basic word processors that banks on simplicity. The Q10 doesn’t offer spell check, formatting, or even those weird auto-suggestions.

Surprisingly the software also ditches the spell check and copy/paste functionality. If you are looking out for a quintessential typewriter on your PC sans distractions then this is the one.

Download Q10 Writing Tool now

The Right Margin

install The Right Margin

Unlike the TypeWriter, the Right Margin is a goal-based writing tool. To begin with, it’s a web-based tool which means you don’t have to install applications to run it.

One can simply log in to their accounts and access the work files from any computer.

The Right Margin helps you get done with the project with the features like smart suggestions, project goal breakdown, a visually delightful timeline, and dedicated writing space.

Download The Right Margin now


install Write!

What if you require an advanced word processor that offers all the modern features while still sticking to its essentials?

Well, Write! is your safest bet since the text editor not only aims at boosting your productivity but it also supports Markdown syntax, spell-checker, cloud integration, and productivity counters.

Download Write! now


try out LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a word processor that heavily focusses on keeping the writing environment distraction-free.

It comes with an autosave option and lets you save unlimited documents on the cloud. Despite being an online first-word processor, it works in both online and offline mode.

The writer also offers Dropbox, Google cloud integration. The best part, however, is that the program offers cross-platform compatibility and is also available for smartphones as well.

LibreOffice is often referred to as the most powerful open-source word processor.

Download LibreOffice now

Visual Typewriter

install Visual Typewriter

This is the closest one could get to a Typewriter. The Visual Typewriter offers a simulated environment along with an actual typewriter at the center.

The documents look almost similar to the ones on an actual Typewriter. That being said except for a vintage feel not all users see any utilitarian benefits here.

Download Visual Typewriter now


try out Typora

Typora is your best bet if you are looking out for an app that’s equally suited for both reading and writing.

It helps to focus by removing all the distractions including preview window, mode switcher, syntax symbols associated with markdown source code along with the other tools.

Typora offers cross-platform compatibility, the interface is pretty slick and it supports Custom CSS theme natively. Also, the export options offered by Typora are decent enough.

Download Typora now 

Have you used some of these digital typewriter tools? Tell us more about your experience in the comments below.

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  • Typing Tutor is the best touch typing software at the moment. If you’re undecided, keep in mind that it was designed to adapt to various different needs of any user.

  • Guessing the precise number for the task is nearly impossible. Depending on your current skill level, you may learn to touch type in a few hours, yet speed requires extra time.

  • Key Blaze and GS Typing Tutor are both popular choices in that regard. Just take a look at the best software from this dedicated list and you’ll learn how to type faster.

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