Some Users Unable to Order Windows 8, 10 Backup DVD

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More consumers are orienting themselves towards more digital downloads these days, but it’s really a good thing to have a physical back-up of your software purchase, especially when we’re talking about something so important as Windows 8.
unable order windows 8 backup dvd
Having a back-up DVD of your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 software is extremely useful, as you will definitely need it when you’re going to reinstall it on a new laptop. But a user has been complaining on the Microsoft support forums that he isn’t able to buy a new back-up DVD, no matter what payment method had he tried. Maybe you find yourself in the same situation, so quickly see what he is complaining about:

Ordered my copy of Windows 8 back in Dec 2012, my laptop needs to be wiped and I need to reinstall afterward. I wanted to order a DVD backup but it will not allow me to. It says “There was a problem with your order. Please verify your payment information and try again.” no matter what payment method I select, even though there are MORE than enough available funds in every account. When choosing paypal it doesnt even prompt me to log in. Tried to call into the ordering line, but I’ve been on hold for over an hour now. I just want to order my dvd 🙁

Contact Microsoft support

I’ve looked online for a possible fix on this, but haven’t been able to find one, therefore, what you really need to do is to contact the Microsoft support team in order to have your issue fixed. Also, from what the user is saying, it’s not quite clear whether he is looking to buy a new DVD back-up or just to regain his old one, therefore I’ve reached out to him to leave a comment with the full situation.

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