Windows 11 won't need any key if you have a pirated pre-activated Windows 10

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Key notes

  • Were you also looking to upgrade to Windows 11 but couldn't actually manage it?
  • It might be because your setup doesn't match the necessary system requirements.
  • However, users discovered that you can upgrade even from a pirated Windows 10.
  • The only catch here is that the unofficial Windows 10 version has to be pre-activated.
upgrade pirated windows 10 to windows 11

There has been endless talk about Windows 11 lately, and mostly about people upgrading to it from its predecessor, Windows 10.

This has been a topic has caused joy at first, because a new operating system was born, although heavily criticized, while immediately turning into outrage, since a lot of users can’t actually upgrade.

This is due to the system requirements that Microsoft imposed for the latest OS, rendering the vast majority unable to perform this upgrade.

However, in the meantime, workarounds on taking the leap to Windows 11 have been found and published, and even the tech giant gave users a little nudge in the right direction.

But what about the people that still use unofficial versions of Windows 10? Will they be able to upgrade to the newest operating system or will they be stuck too?

If your pirated Windows 10 is pre-activated, you’re good to go

Just to make sure we get this out of the way before we start, we do not, in any way, shape, or form, encourage the usage of unofficial, pirated products, for security reasons, mainly.

Now, coming back, this is entirely possible, and all you need to have in order to make this work, is a pre-activated version of Windows 10, to complete the upgrade.

Needless to say, it’s not even worth trying if the criteria we mentioned above are not met, so don’t even waste your time.

There’s been a lot of talk about this topic recently, on forums and social media platforms, where more and more users are trying to get their hands on the new OS by using this method.

And if you’re thinking that you need some sort of special activator for your Windows 10 before you can actually start the upgrade process, that is not the case here.

Any activator will do, as long as it does its job well. So, if your version of Windows 10 is not an official product purchased from Microsoft, this is your chance to get a taste of the future.

The ones that did take this leap aren’t complaining about any major issues, in particular, just the same bugs and problems we all encounter while using the new operating system.

You can also upgrade even if you don’t have the mandatory TPM 2.0 installed, by following the steps listed in our guide.

You can activate Windows 10 permanently with MAS

Windows 10 users are now sharing a new tool used to activate unofficial copies of the operating system, so if you were also on the look for such software, this is your lucky day.

It’s called Microsoft Activation Scripts (MAS) 1.4, and apparently, it was a success among the users that already dared to try it.

On the off-chance you still needed to activate your pirated version of Windows 10, you can get you’d hands on this tool if you head on over to GitHub.

It basically works like any other activator out there, so there’s really no rocket science involved in using it. You simply run the file extractor, input the password, and run the executable.

It will automatically install where your operating system is also installed and you’re good to go. Pretty easy, right?

However, for security reasons, we highly recommend that you use certified copies of the OS. Remember that Windows 10 will still receive security updates until 2025.

Have you also upgraded to Windows 10 from an unlicensed Windows 10 copy? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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