Some users have reported that they are having problems when trying to log in their Uplay client.

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Apparently, they receive an error message that looks like the following:

uplay not logging in

Players on the forums are rather furious at the matter

[…] since Yesterday I have not been able to log into Uplay even though I never Changed my Password. I tried to recover my Password, and even though I do get the recovery email and make a new password It keeps on saying that the link is either invalid or expired despite me clicking seconds after it appears.

Apparently, the problem is not random, and it also happens to users who have allegedly never changed their Ubisoft password.

More so, the problem also seems to be linked to Ubisoft’s password recovery system.

Uplay states that either your login email or password is incorrect

The same users on the forums reported that eventually the problem sorted itself out.

Apparently, the passwords they already tried suddenly became valid again.

The only explanation for why a password may not work now but may work later is one of the following:

1. Contact your Internet Service Provider

Ask them whether or not they’ve made changes to the Internet or network settings around your area.

If they did, ask what exactly did they change, so that you can take the appropriate measures.

2. Check your PC for malware

Install a third-party antivirus tool and run a complete system scan to see if your PC is infected.

Once all threats are detected, add them to your virus vault and try logging in again.

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3. Make sure you’ve actually typed in the right password

Ubisoft has a habit of asking you to change your password from time to time.

This is mainly for security issues, and most of the times you never even bother to remember these occasions.

If that’s the case and Uplay isn’t accenting your password, just perform a password recovery.

4. Make sure you’ve actually typed in the right E-mail

While it may sound silly, users try so hard to remember their password they end up forgeting which email to use.

If that’s the case and Uplay isn’t accenting your password or email adress, just perform a password recovery.

Wrong email recover password