Why are there so many Uplay and Steam compatibility issues?

Teodor Nechita
by Teodor Nechita
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If you’re an avid fan of Ubisoft titles, you most likely have Uplay installed somewhere on your PC.

Uplay is a proprietary game distribution platform where you can buy Ubisoft games, DLCs and other content.

It is known that Ubisoft games can be brought through other gaming platforms as well, such as Valve’s Steam.

Is Uplay content compatible with Steam?

The problem is that players are reporting having issue with their Ubisoft content which they’ve bot through the other platforms.

An official post from Ubisoft’s support page shed some light on the matter:

In most cases, players will run into compatibility issues if they buy the game from Steam or from the Epic Games Store and the Season Pass (or any other additional content) from the Ubisoft Store.

So, if you’ve downloaded a Ubisoft game through Steam, it is strongly recommended that you also buy the DLCs from Steam.

They went on to add that:

Unless stated otherwise, the game and the content are not going to be compatible. This means that players will not be able to use the extra content they purchased in the main game.

So, unless the publishers clearly specifies that you can download a title and its content form multiple platform, try not to.

Generally, it is strongly recommend that players buy games and extra content for the game from the same digital store.

Players are speculating whether or not this is Ubisoft‘s indirect attempt as protecting it’s own IP.

More so, it seems Ubisoft has released no further comments on the matter for the time being.

Until (or if) this issue gets fixed, game content downloaded from two different platforms will be treated as incompatible.

This means that you need to pay again to get a full feature game on one of the platforms.