7 best USB-C enclosures for fast data transfer [2020 Guide]

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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An enclosure, whether for a hard drive or a solid state drive (SSD), is a special casing that holds and powers your hard drive or SSD, with support for linking between one or more computers.

With advancements in technology, you can now get the best USB-C enclosure for your hard drive or SSD. The type C connector is famed for its fast speeds and power, unlike type A or B.

The advantages you can get from the best USB-C enclosure include adding more drives, RAID capabilities, storage and variety of media to computers. You can also easily transfer data between computers that are not networked, plus it prevents heat from the hard drive from increasing the heat within the computer case.

USB-C enclosures prevent wear and tear, while lowering the cost of removable storage.

Here are our top picks for the best USB-C enclosure.

Best USB-C enclosures to own this year

  1. Vantec Nexstar
  2. Orico
  3. Startech
  4. Aukey
  5. WeMe
  6. Qicent
  7. Nekteck

1. Vantec Nexstar


With the high number of great user reviews around this product, it is easy to tell why it is ranked as the best USB-C enclosure in the market.

Its features include a super speed plus USB 3.1 Gen 2 transfer speed, with two cables for compatibility with type A or C ports. Its full aluminum enclosure and tray build is designed for heat dissipation and elegance, with ultrafast SATA III support, plus it is a plug and play so you don’t have to install any drivers to use it.

Besides being compatible with Windows and other operating systems, it has smart features that spin down with your computer (hibernate/shutdown), and it comes with an activity LED light, on/off switch, and an optional power connector.

With this USB-C enclosure, you also get to enjoy good design, speed, portability, and a lifetime of easily accessible technical support.

2. Orico



If you want high performance, tool-free installation, safety and protection for your hard drive and SSD, then Orico is the best USB-C enclosure you can buy.

It supports SATA HDD up to 8TB, and USB 3.0 type C to SATA III interface, plus it is compatible with Windows operating system. In terms of performance, Orico enclosure is ultrafast with a maximum data transfer rate of 5Gbps, with a UASP protocol that increases speed by 20 percent compared to traditional USB specifications.

You don’t need any drivers or reboots to install this enclosure, simply plug and play, then the LED light will indicate whether your hard drive or SSD is working at maximum performance.

In terms of safety and protection, Orico’s 12V power adapter supplies steady power so your hard drive or SSD runs effortlessly, plus it has a shockproof sponge or foam material for reinforced protection.

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3. Startech


Backup your data anytime and anywhere with the best USB-C enclosure from the Startech brand.

This enclosure lets you store and access data with support for high-capacity drives of up to 15mm in height, plus it comes with a type C and type-A cable for more connectivity.

Enjoy ultrafast speeds of up to 10Gbps, portability, and quick access to your data wherever you go to browse files and edit documents. You can also retain data after an upgrade to a new HDD or SSD in your computer, do drive cloning and data backups for continued safeguarding of your data all the time.

It is versatile, compatible with Windows and your devices, and comes with a type C micro-B cable for connecting to modern USB-C enabled devices and laptops. its sleek aluminum housing also keeps your data safe, dissipates heat and passively cools the hard drive or SSD so as to prevent drive failure and data loss.

It comes with a 2-year Startech warranty and free lifetime tech support.

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4. Aukey


Aukey delivers amazing data and file transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps, with sync and backup features for your computer so you can keep your data safe and accessible.

It is ideal for converting old, unused laptop hard drives into portable type C USB 3.0 hard drives.

Other features that make this the best USB-C enclosure include its broad compatibility with different operating systems including Windows, support for any standard 2.5 inch hard drive with up to 2TB storage size, and you can access and download data from a broken computer, as long as the hard drive is in working condition. This way you get all your files with little trouble and save on money you’d have spent hiring a computer technician.

You don’t need an extra heavy power adapter or any drivers to run it. Simply plug and play, and carry along this slimline, compact and lightweight enclosure with you for convenient data access and backup.

Like all Aukey products, this USB-C enclosure also comes with a 24-month product warranty.

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