USB-C extension cables: Pick the best from these 7 options

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by Milan Stanojevic
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USB 3.2 speed

Since the USB-C cable was introduced to the market, it came with good tidings.

With this connector, you can say goodbye to the frustrations of wrong plugging in due to different orientations, because the type-C is a reversible connector that lets you plug in from either direction so you’ll never get it wrong again.

Most modern devices and computers today are also fitted with the type-C port so that you can plug in and enjoy fast data transmission and file transfers, plus high powered superfast charging for your other devices and gadgets.

These devices usually come packaged with their own type-C cables, but sometimes you can either misplace it, or it gets broken for whatever reason, or you just want a longer one for your own use.

The quality and build of the cable you pick will also determine how long it stays without getting broken, plus whether it is resistant to hazards such as heat, corrosion and other things that may cause damage.

If you’re looking for the best USB-C extension cable to add to your accessories, here are the top 7 picks we recommend.

Best USB-C extension cable for 2018

  1. Kmeets
  2. Kimitech
  3. Disdim
  4. Dreamvasion
  5. Riitop
  6. Qicheng&Start
  7. CableCreation

1. Kmeets USB-C extension cable

best USB-C extension cable

Kmeets comes highly recommended as the best USB-C extension cable what with its fast charging, durable quality, and super long 6ft cord so you can use it freely where you are.

Built with a high-quality data wire with a USB-C port, you can charge and sync your devices simultaneously at rapid speeds. Its stylish nylon fiber jacket makes the cable be strong, tough with tensile resistance, thus assuring you of high durability and increased flexibility.

It is compatible with all type-C devices and has a durable metal plug made through professional production, anti-oxidation, heat, and corrosion resistance.

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2. Kimitech USB-C extension cable

best USB-C extension cable

This is the best USB-C extension cable for data syncing, charging, and super speed data transfer.

It is compatible with most major devices and has a USB-C reversible connector design so you can plug in both ways with the convenience of connecting the cable in any orientation.

Built with durable, nylon braided, aluminum shielding, this cable can withstand everyday wear and tear while delivering faster, more efficient data transfer and power delivery.

The USB 3.1 blue port has a transfer rate of up to 10Gbps and is backward compatible with previous USB versions, so you get ten times faster data transfer and sync speeds.

This sleek, durable, five pack cable with different lengths, is designed to withstand stress, bends, twists, and pulls.

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3. Disdim USB-C extension cable

best USB-C extension cable

Disdim’s Thunderbolt is the best USB-C extension cable designed to support charger, audio, and video transfer, as well as data syncing.

It is compatible with most major USB-C devices such as notebooks, tablets, and smartphones, and is built with premium material of pure copper wire, which can provide fast charging and stable data syncing of up to 10Gbps.

The nickel plating jack and TPE body ensure more stable, not easy to damage, flexible, dust and tangle-free, durable, and lightweight so that you can carry it anywhere and never worry about it getting broken.

Its length is 6ft or 1.8m, the perfect length for extending to any location you want – no more worrying about short cables. You can also avoid multiple plug-in damages to your device’s interface.

The built-in aluminum foil and textile mesh layer ensure a better and more effective anti-interference effect, plus it is double sided so you can insert it without it sticking, or plug and play.

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4. Dreamvasion USB-C extension cable

best USB-C extension cable

This 6ft long cable is all you need for your USB-C devices for better connection and quick release for any device.

It not only protects your computer port from damage due to ejecting and plugging in but also supports charging, syncing, data transmission for audio or video, with a high speed of 10Gbps.

You can use it as a charging extension cable for switch pro controller, or switch TV dock, as it is widely compatible with most devices with a type-C port.

It works whichever side you plug it in, and is built with high-quality copper wire to ensure stable signal transmission, high-speed sync, plus it’s durable and not easily damaged.

It comes with a 12-month limited product warranty and friendly customer care that responds within 24 hours.

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5. Riitop USB-C extension cable

best USB-C extension cable

This USB-C extension cable is compatible with most major devices such as tablets, smartphones, and computers, with a USB 3.1 super speed data transfer of up to 10Gbps.

It has a reversible design type-C connector plug that supports scalable power charging.

Features include a USB 3.1 type-C male to female extension cable cord, wire specification of tin-coated copper 16 core cable with an outer PVC mold, and it is 3ft (or 1m) long.

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6. Qicheng&Start USB-C extension cable

best USB-C extension cable

This is the best USB-C extension cable for superfast data syncing of up to 10Gbps, HDMI/VGA and other signal transmissions, plus it protects your laptop’s USB-C interface.

Features include a USB 3.1 type-C male to USB-C female connection cable, with a length of 2ft, and compatibility with smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

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7. CableCreation USB-C extension cable

best USB-C extension cable


This cable features a USB 3.1 type-C male to type-C female connector, gold plated male plug with a gold plated shell for guaranteed contact with your device, and delivers data speeds of up to 10Gbps.

It is lightweight, portable and compact so you can move with it anywhere, plus its bi-direction lets you enjoy limitless data transfer as both sides can be either host or target.

It is compatible with most major devices such as tablets, smartphones, and computers, but it may not work for extending original type-C cables for charging type-C phones because of voltage issues.

It comes with a brand guarantee of focus on ideal design and quality, plus a lifetime warranty, and you can get it in either black, blue, red, and rose gold colors.

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Have you found your favorite choice for the best Windows USB-C extension cable? Let us know in the comments section below.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2017 and has been since completely revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.