10+ best USB-C flash drives for super speed [2021 Guide]

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The Type-C USB connector has gained quite some traction since its introduction to the tech space because it enables faster data transmission and quick charge for different devices.

With it comes a variety of accessories such as USB-C cables, hubs, ports, docking stations, and even the USB-C flash drives.

We checked out some of the most popular and highly recommended ones. Make sure you check our list and pick out the best USB-C flash drive.

What are the best USB Type-C flash drives deals?

VATAPO 3.1 256GB 3 in 1 High Speed Flash Drive

  • Sleek and portable design combined with a resistant aluminum case
  • Plug and play technology making it perfect for travels
  • Instant data transfer
  • 1-year free service
  • Less speedy if multiple items are uploaded at once

This amazing flash drive is fully compatible with any Android phone with Type C USB.

If you’re looking for a reliable storage support to preserve your photos, files, music, and more, then this is the perfect gadget for you.

Besides it’s generous storage capacity, you will enjoy next to instant data transfer speeds which allows you to get the job done faster and carry on with your daily routine.

The design is sturdy thans to its Aluminium case and you needn’t worry about special conditions – simply use the tool to store your files as you see fit.

Flash Drive USB Type C Dual Drive Memory Stick

  • Portable design with cap protection
  • Ultra-fast data transfer speeds
  • Generous storage capacity
  • Dual connector ports: USB3.1 and Type C 3.1
  • Capacity after formatting is less

This flash drive takes waiting out of the data transferring process thanks to its USB 3.1 & Type C 3.1 support that allows for super fast transmission for both read and write.

The dual ports also facilitate the transfer between smartphone and laptop or PC and eliminate the need for an additional cloud storage service.

The zinc alloy metal case coupled with a rotation protection cap make it both portable and safe to transport without risking to deteriorate the drive.

Apple Certified iPhone Flash Drive

  • Flexible 4 ports design to easily transfer files across devices and operating systems
  • Data protection features in case of loss or theft (touch ID and password)
  • Support for all major file types (JPG, PNG, GIF, MP4, AVI, MOV, MP3, WAV, PPT, XLS/XLSX, HTML, PDF, and more)
  • 256GB External Storage
  • Requires iDiskk Pro installation before connecting with your iPhone

This multifunctional flash drive will make your life easier instantly thanks to its 4 ports design with one connector for each device type you may need: Micro USB connector for Android devices, Flash connector for iOs-running devices, Type-C connector and USB3.0 connector for PC and/or Mac.

Delivering a generous external storage capacity of 256GB, the drive will save you a lot of space.

Plus, the data transmission is super fast and easy across the different platforms and devices it supports.

By combining the native file support with the Connect-and-Play technology, you will be able to enjoy your favorite music or films stored on the drive directly on your phone.

SAMSUNG Duo Plus 32GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive

  • Dual connectivity (USB 3.0/2.0)
  • Storage capacity up to 32 GB
  • Super-fast data transfer
  • Certified water, temperature, magnet, and X-ray protection
  • Write speed may be a bit slower

Samsung DUO Plus is a wireless Type-C USB flash drive focused on data protection.

Its keyring design is meant to prevent loss and you can use this reliable solution to safely store and transfer your personal files between devices.

Speaking about reliability, you should know that the flash drive comes with a 5-year warranty with extended protection: temperature, magnet, shock, water, and X-ray proof).

The data transfer is impressively fast reaching up to 200 MB/s read speeds even for large files.

iPhone Flash Drive 3 in 1 HooToo 128GB MFi

  • Extended file support: FAT32, exFAT, AVI, MOV, MP4, VOB, GIF, JPG, TIFF, MP3, PDF, HTML, PPT, DOC/X, and more
  • Cross-platform compatibility (MacOS, Linux, all versions of Windows, iOS, and Android Type-C devices)
  • 3 Ports connectivity (USB-C Port, USB-A Port, and Lightning Port)
  • Compact and sturdy structure with a zinc alloy case
  • Design could benefit from a ring to attach the cap

Design 3-in-1 flash drive will deliver the ultimate connectivity through its 3 ports designed to extend compatibility to all your devices.

You can easily transfer your files (and there is a whopping storage capacity of 128GB to help you do so) across platforms and devices ranging from iPhone to Android Type-C phones all the way to PC and Mac.

And you needn’t worry about setting up additional security measures during the transfer – this awesome flash drive takes care of that for you. Simply activate the auto-backup feature and you’re all set.

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