VMWare Fusion best sellers products in 2022

by Vlad Constantinescu
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  • Look no further, today is a great time to grab the best deals on a broad range of products, both hardware, and software.
  • If you want to save big on Desktop Virtualization products, VMWare has a great collection of deals on Fusion and Workstation products.
  • Check out our Buy section for more buying guides on hardware and software products.
VMWare Black Friday deals

The holiday season is a great occasion for big names to showcase the greatest deals in their store, if you couldn’t make it, no worries, some company still keep their deals up all the year. VMWare makes no exception to this situation and has a fine selection of advantageous offers you can benefit from.

The discounts range from 15% to a whopping 40%, so if you ever planned on grabbing a desktop virtualization deal, now is the best time you could do that.

Save big on Desktop Virtualization

It is important to mention that the offers in the list below are available on a single dedicated store page that VMWare has prepared with all the details about the offers. Usually, our editorial team prepares a dedicated link for each product but this year they can all be found on the same webpage.

Check VMWare offers store page here

Holiday period offers:

Product name Retail price Discount value Promo Price
Fusion 12 Player + support (SW) $180.00 -40% $120.40
Fusion 12 Pro + support (SW) $241.00 -40% $161.40
Workstation 16 Player + support (SW) $180.00 -40% $120.40
Workstation 16 Pro + support (SW) $241.00 -40% $161.40
Fusion 12 Player (SW) $149.00 -30% $104.30
Fusion 12 Pro (SW $199.00 -30% $139.30
Workstation 16 Player(SW) $149.00 -30% $104.30
Workstation 16 Pro (SW) $199.00 -30% $139.30
vSphere 7 Standard $1268.00 -15% $1118.75
vSphere 7 Essentials Kit $576.96 -15% $500.46
vSphere 7 Essentials Plus Kit $5596.00 -15% $4902.25
vSphere 7 Enterprise Plus $4350 -15% $3810.75

VMware 2022 deals:

As you can see, most deals will be available for a few days but some of them have a smaller timeframe. With that in mind, make sure you plan ahead so you don’t accidentally miss any available offer.

You might encounter some offers during 2022 but there are various signs that they will be less attractive than the ones presented above.

Do you plan on grabbing any of VMWare‘s generous deals? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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