VPN not working on VirtualBox [STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE]

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vpn not working on VirtualBox

VirtualBox is a virtual machine program, which allows users to run different operating systems, as “guest” (virtual) computers on Windows. One of the most notorious issues associated with the use of VirtualBox is when the guest computer fails to connect to the host‘s VPN network. Seemingly, the VPN is not working on VirtualBox for many users.

Some of them posted the problem on the dedicated forum.

Hello, I have installed Windows XP on a Virtual Box space, everything is ok but when i tried to access the VPN it didn’t want, this is the first time i try to access the VPN with the Virtual Box, with my normal PC to ISP the VPN works great, but it doesn’t want to get connected through Virtual Box Windows XP image. Please help. Thank you

Resolve the problem by following the steps we listed below.

Why I cannot access VPN through VirtualBox?

1. Enable Paravirtualization in NAT Adapter

  1. Launch VirtualBox > Settings and then navigate to Network.network virtualbox vpn not working on virtualbox
  2. Locate and click on Adapter.
  3. Under Adapter, set Attached to NAT.adapter attached to NAT virtualbox vpn not working on virtualbox
  4. Click on Advanced and set Adapter type: Paravirtualized Network.paravirtualized network virtualbox vpn not working on virtualbox
  5. Enable VPN service (on host PC) and start the virtual machine.

Once this is done, you should now be able to use the Virtual Private Network of the host computer on the guest computer or virtual machine.

2. Switch to DNS Proxy

  1. To run this procedure, ensure your VirtualBox is running on the default NAT setup.Oracle VirtualBox - VM vpn not working on VirtualBox
  2. Input the following command in the terminal to enable DNS Proxy:

VBoxManage modifyvm “VM name” –natdnsproxy1 on“.

Once this is done, check if the problem is resolved. If it persists, try the next fix.

3. Set up 2 Network Adapters (NAT & Host-Only)

  1. Set up “Network Address Translation” (NAT) adapter. This allows the guest computer to share the host computer’s VPN network and other network settings. However, your virtual engine (guest computer) would still be unable to access connections on the host computer.virtualbox interface vpn not working on VirtualBox
  2. To correct the deficiency in the first step, set up a Host-Only networking adapter. This provides you with an IP that is accessible from the host computer. And you can then connect to the host‘s VPN network.

With the above procedure – setting up NAT adapter and Host-Only adapter, you should now have a two-way connection, between both computers (virtual and actual). Consequently, VPN network sharing is made easy.


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