What to do if VPN is not working with Airtel Broadband

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vpn not working with airtel broadband

Some Airtel Broadband users have complained about a connection issue, which is typically encountered while trying to connect over VPN to Broadband’s network. Seemingly, VPN is not working with Airtel Broadband at all.

You can find an abundance of reports online, claiming that VPN just won’t work with the said ISP.

I took one broadband connection on 24th may 2017.
Internet is working fine for me. The issue i am facing from 24th may 2017 with SR : 82813214 is:
1>couldn’t login through VPN application to reach my office network through this internet connection.
2>Its working fine when i am trying with airtel 4g dongle and airtel postpaid sim.
3>It also working fine in one of my collegue working with me in same company.

Learn how to fix this problem by following the steps below.

Why my VPN won’t connect over Airtel Broadband router?

1. Reset Broadband Modem or Router

  1. Turn on the modem and wait until the LED light is stable.router reset VPN Not Working with Airtel Broadband
  2. Using a pen tip or any protruding material, press and hold the ‘reset button” for 20 to 30 seconds.
  3. Wait for the modem to reset/restart.

2. Create Port Trigger for your Broadband Router

  1. Disable the VPN service, navigate to your router’s page and log in as admin: open your browser and navigate to router settings vpn not working on Airtel Broadband
  2. In the displayed window, locate and click on Advanced Setup.
  3. Go to NAT and click on it.
  4. In the next window, select Port Triggering.
  5. Create and fill in required entries on both sides (as required by your VPN provider).
  6. Apply changes and exit program.
  7. Restart computer.
  8. Check if the issue is resolved.

Note: This fix has been proven, as an effective workaround (to the issue under review) on Airtel’s old “Beetel” modem (BXI 450). So, you can also try it on newer modems/routers and see if it works.

If the problem persists, you can try the next solution.

3. Change Ports or VPN Provider

Unknown to many, certain Broadband/router providers block VPN ports like PPTP and IPSec. Hence, if your VPN is running on these protocols, the problem could be that the connection ports are being blocked by Airtel.

cyberghost vpn not working with airtel broadband

To resolve this issue, in this case, you may have to change your VPN, to one that offers alternative protocols or connection ports most especially OpenVPN (or any other with an OpenVPN protocol) would be a good option here. Some of the recommended VPN you can use include Cyberghost VPN, ExpressVPN, and TorVPN.


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