New Warzone patch fixes collision and screen flicker issues

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  • Frustrated with the bugs that plague the new Warzone Pacific experience?
  • Raven Software issued a new patch to fix some of the most important ones.
  • However, the operator skin and throwing knife blueprint issues still remain.
  • The second season of Battle Pass has been postponed for fixing these bugs.
COD Warzone

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We don’t even have to explain what Warzone is, as we are pretty sure that mostly everyone out there is familiar with this popular Call of Duty battle royale.

Recently, Raven Software announced a new patch that is supposed to tackle bug fixes for the free-to-play shooter.

Developers even went as far as delaying season two Battle Pass and free content launch for both Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific and Call of Duty: Vanguard, to allow the development team to work on a variety of issues.

Operator skin invisibility bug hasn’t been dealt with yet

Players aren’t really happy with the studio’s decision, but it seems that this delay is already paying off, as Raven Software already managed to fix some of the most critical bugs.

The biggest and most annoying of the Warzone Pacific bugs affects Operator skins, that glitch and become invisible, allowing players to move undetected on the map.

However, this hasn’t been filed through this release, and everyone is hoping that a solution will be included in the upcoming patch.

Also scheduled to be released with a future patch is a much-needed fix for a bug that allows a specific throwing knife blueprint to have unintended benefits.

There are, however, issues that got addressed with this recent release, among which we can find:

  • Collission issues with various elements across Caldera that allowed players to peek or otherwise shoot through them.
  • An issue causing instability when players press the Xbox home button twice while in-game.
  • An issue causing instability when typing non-ASCII characters such as ©, ®, or ™ in the chat.
  • Issues causing screen flicker.
  • Issues that allowed players to buy back a squadmate at a buy station, and that squadmate would spawn in with all or part of their original loadouts.
  • Issues where placeholder images appeared in Store bundle previous or purchases.
  • Issues that caused live matches to crash abruptly.
  • Issues where players who attempted to swim in the pool would fall into a bottomless pit.
  • Issues where the second loadout event would not occur during Battle Royale modes.

Another extremely annoying bug yet to be fully eliminated by Raven studios is the one involving Buy Stations which, upon interacting with them, would cause the game to freeze for many players.

Even though a hotfix for this particular issue was deployed on the 26th of January, players report that this still happens sometimes, therefore developers need to focus on it a bit more.

It’s safe to say that all these problems damaged the image of the new Caldera Warzone map even more, after pro players criticized it extensively, saying that it’s much easier and less imaginative than Verdansk.

However, this is still a new map and will be subjected to change probably, until developers feel that everything is right, and players won’t really have any reasons left to complain about it.

Have you experienced any sorts of issues while playing the new Warzone map? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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