Why WindowsReport.com was born and why are you here

By: Radu Tyrsina
3 minute read

Howdy friend!

I’m so glad that you are here, on the homepage of WindowsReport.com.

You probably have come across our content after searching for a specific fix to one of your annoying problems or maybe after reading one of the many articles we’re doing.

We want to give you a bit of background of who we are and what is it that we do.

Our mission as online publishers is to provide professionally curated and originally created content in the following fields:

  • various technical problems (like how to fix your broken laptop keyboard or that dizzying BSOD error you got)
  • lists, best of, buying guides (like advice on how to buy a new laptop; which are the most efficient storage devices and so on)
  • tech news of importance to PC and Microsoft users (everything which might have an impact on how you interact with your PC and other Microsoft product, but not limited to that)

We encourage you to return and bookmark our homepage if you are a PC user, and if you’re looking to become one.

We’re committed to be as informative as possible and we invite you to interact with us in the following ways:

  • send us emails on how we can improve on our contact page (you will also see our whole team there)
  • speak with us on Facebook
  • leave a comment on this article.

WindowsReport.com is in the middle of a design change, where we try to remove the amount of ads and put the content in front, where it deserves to be.

Obviously, we still need money to fuel our operations, so that’s why we are partnering with software makers.

We are not here for a couple of months, and we won’t be able to establish ourselves as a name without your help.

Thus, we want to thank you for being our readers and we assure you that we will only produce high-quality content.

There is a plethora of Windows 8, Windows 10 apps to be explored in the Windows Store and not too many websites that one could trust and rely on. We here at Wind8apps strive to find only the best Windows 8, Windows 10 apps and share them with you. Many visitors land here after searching for “win 8, 10 apps” or “wind 8, 10 apps”. Once you’re here, I hope you’ll enjoy the apps that we have discovered!

why was windows8apps.com born

On a conquest to digest Windows 8, Windows 10 applications

Update – Wind8Apps has become WindowsReport.com

A brand new chapter has started for us back in the end of 2015 when we decided to rebrand from Wind8Apps.com to WindowsReport.com/ We also have a brand new look so I hope you will enjoy the new aspect and identity. Our mission has slowly become one where we offer the best fixes in terms of various PC issues, but also to keep up with the latest news. 

It’s 23 October and the world is waiting for the Windows 8 launch that is bound to happend on 26 October. Currently, there aren’t too many Windows 8, Windows 10 applications available on the market but we, at Wind8apps.com are sure that their number will increase in the near future. Just look at how many Windows 8, 10 tablets and hybrids are out there! I am almost sure that, for the first time, the iPad will face a serious enemy.

Windows 8, Windows 10 applications – we’ll explore them together

Definitely, Android is its biggest enemy for now, but Windows 8, Windows 10 on tablets/hybrids/laptops/desktops will be like nothing else, I can guarantee you that. It might not be that awesome in the first 3 years (that’s the worst scenario possible) but it will surely pick up. And boy, when it will pick up, it will be one helluva fight. iPad, Android tablets and Windows 8, Windows 10. Thus, we decided to create www.wind8apps.com, so that you could be part of the Windows 8, Windows 10 revolution. We will test applications and let you know if they’re good or bad.

We will also share tips and news in the future, if we’ll consider them worthy for our audience that we’ll gradually build up. Wind8apps.com was born because Windows is part of our daily lives, and I’m referring here to those that use it, be it at work or home. For the first time, Microsoft has decided to make such a big change and we want to be your guide into the world of Windows 8, Windows 10 apps.

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