Will we see Opera in the Windows 11 Store?

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Ever since Firefox was announced as a new PWA for the Windows 11 Store, everyone is now wondering about Opera.
  • Opera developers have declared themselves more than eager to have their app featured in the new Store.
  • Since Microsoft declared to have a more open policy about apps that make it to the Store roster, we could see even more unexpected choices.
  • No official announcement has been yet made, but it is very possible that the popular browser will be featured in the Store, once Windows 11 is released.
Windows 11 Opera

Everyone has been talking about the new Windows 11 Store for quite some time now. To be more exact, ever since Microsoft announced the new OS, during last month’s launch event.

Ans we already know that Microsoft is going to allow more developers to promote their apps through this platform.

So the question on Opera user’s minds right now is if the browser will make it to the new operating system’s Store roster.

We could see Opera on the new Windows 11 Store pretty soon

Since Mozilla’s Firefox was already announced to be a part of the new Microsoft Store, for Windows 11, users were kind of expecting Opera to be the next big addition.

It seems that this could become a reality sooner than we think, as Opera developers have already expressed an interest in providing their app to more users via the Windows 11 Store.

Opera’s Stjernelund and van Leeuwen underlined the company’s eagerness to join the new Store:

We are exploring our options but our goal will be to bring Opera to the Microsoft Store as soon as possible. So far, we’ve seen a bit more user-friendliness in the new Windows 11 UI and, of course, any such changes that make our users’ lives easier on Windows are welcome.

In terms of the Microsoft Store, we’re very happy to see Microsoft is opening up the store to more products and developers, and we think this might be an opportunity to distribute Opera to users who are used to the app store model of downloads

Microsoft’s new operating system will prove to be home for many more apps than originally expected, as the tech company officials keep mentioning every chance they get.

Recently, we’ve also discussed the Redmond tech giant allowing the old school Windows 32 apps to be present in the Windows 11 Store.

Major changes have already been done to this built-in system app, including the important fact that the Store no longer uses HTML, and has switched to XAML.

So, adding Opera to the Store will be an inspired move by the tech company and will surely sit well with all the Opera users out there that have already installed Insider preview builds of Windows 11.

All-in-all, Microsoft allowing all these PWAs to be featured on their Store will be a decision welcomed with open arms by millions of users, therefore a win-win situation.

Speaking about Opera, if you would also like to find out what the differences between Opera and Opera GX are, you can check out our dedicated article, detailing the differences.

Are you an Opera user and already installed Windows 11? If so, how do you feel about Microsoft including your favorite browser in the Store family? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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