Windows 10 gets important Windows Defender updates as Microsoft bets big on self-security

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Microsoft has stirred quite a few discussions in the aftermath of people learning of their plans of putting all their eggs in the security basket, so to speak. While it’s most common for the Windows operating system to be paired with a third party antivirus service, Microsoft seems to want to move away from that and make its own security solution dependable.

Microsoft has made big changes to its Windows Defender service and it plans on making even more. The next upcoming update is the Fall Creators Update and it will bring massive changes to the platform. One of these changes is the implementation of EMET, which stands for Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit.

New Windows ATP and bringing everything to the user

Another big change is the way that Microsoft’s ATP for Windows Defender (Advanced Threat Protection) is going to work. It would seem that the company is aiming for seamless integration and all the new features coming to this service will bolster its defenses considerably.

That and the aforementioned bringing of EMET into the native space for Windows show that Microsoft is looking to put everything at the user’s disposal. It also means that users won’t have to go somewhere else to round up their security detail thanks to the massive improvements made by Microsoft.

To provide a little more information about Microsoft’s plans for ATP, the company’s own Rob Lefferts turned up on the Windows blog in order to clarify some things. Here are some of his ideas regarding what the company sees in store for Windows:

“For the first time, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) will include seamless integration across the entire Windows threat protection stack to protect, detect and respond with rich, centralized management. In addition, we’re extending the reach of Windows Defender ATP to include Windows Server OS to protect customers across platforms.

New features and capabilities in the suite include Windows Defender Exploit Guard, Windows Defender Application Guard and substantial updates to Windows Defender Device Guard and Windows Defender Antivirus.”

Microsoft doesn’t like when people threaten its users

According to Microsoft, it all boils down to making it as hard as possible for people to mess with its users. The newest implementations made by the Windows creator will see anyone trying to hack or attack Windows users have a really bad time. If they’re going to be up to no good, Microsoft wants to make sure that they’re going to have a really hard time pulling anything off.



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