Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14279 available now: What to Expect

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There’s a new Windows 10 Insider build available right now and it brings to the table several important changes to the operating system. Microsoft  released Build 14279 to the Fast ring, though we can’t be certain if those in the Slow ring will have the chance to download it very soon.

What new additions have been brought to the table in Build 14279? Let’s take a look together:

Cortana can now remember things for users

Chances are, you may have some issues with your memory at times. Well, worry not because Cortana is now capable of helping . If you’re planning to watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on March 24, 2016 but may need help remembering, just say, “Remind me to watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and Cortana will remember.

Users have the option to set specific locations, dates, or time should they need to.

At the moment, it is impossible to ask Cortana to bring up a list of reminders by using your voice, but this should be rectified in a future update.

Cortana knows more languages

When it comes down to recognizing more languages, Cortana has become smarter. The new update allows the Microsoft voice assistant to recognize Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil) or French (Canada).

Logon experience updated

Before this update came around, Windows 10 had two separate background images for the Lock Screen and Logon Screen. This is no longer the case since the new Build has merged both to allow for just a single background image.

For those who are using Windows Spotlight, a similar feature will make an appearance in a future update to Windows 10.

Each improvement here should allow for a smoother operating system for everyone. Furthermore, users should feel more compelled to use Cortana due to the new abilities the voice assistant has at its disposal. The ability to tell Cortana to remember things will definitely come in handy.

Now, we just hope these cool Cortana features make it over to Windows 10 Mobile in a timely fashion because Microsoft doesn’t seem to care much about the mobile side of things.


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