Windows Launchers for Android: Best We Tested in 2024

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Android is undeniably one of the most popular mobile operating systems available right now. Mobile manufacturers from Samsung to Sony use Android as their operating system of choice. However, for Windows 10 users, the mobile operating system can feel a little bit too far from home.

Thankfully, a wide range of Android launchers are available, designed to bring the full Windows 10 experience to your Android mobile device and we’ve taken a look at the best of them.

If you’re an Android user but looking to bring a splash of Microsoft’s operating system to your mobile device, you can’t go far wrong with the below options.

Windows 10 launchers for your Android smartphone

1. Win 10 Launcher (Google Play)

Win 10 Launcher Android

If you’re looking to bring the visual appearance of Windows 10 to your Android smartphone, Win 10 Launcher is undeniably one of your best options. The Android launcher is built from the ground up to look and feel like Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. With that in mind, you can expect the same levels of customisation that you know and love from Microsoft’s operating system on your Android device, including a variety of Windows inspired colour options.

Whilst Win 10 Launcher is designed to look and feel like Microsoft’s operating system, it still integrates perfectly with Android. Incredibly easy to set-up, Win 10 Launcher imports all of your current Android apps and gives them a Windows 10 shortcut on your home screen.

2. SquareHome 2 – Windows 10 Style (Google Play)


This is another Android launcher designed to visually echo Microsoft’s Windows 10, especially in its Windows 10 Style variant. Available to download for free from the Google Play Store, SquareHome 2 – Windows 10 Style mimics the tiled design of Windows 10, whilst maintaining the features of Android.

One of the great things about SquareHome 2 is the fact that it’s also fully compatible with Android devices. Whilst most Windows 10 Android launchers are designed primarily for use with smartphones, the developers of SquareHome 2 have gone one step further by integrating tablet compatibility here. Essentially allowing you to turn your Android tablet into a Surface!

3. Launcher Metro 10 (Google Play)

Metro 10

Taking something more of a simplistic approach to Microsoft’s Metro design ethos, Launcher Metro 10 still does an incredibly good job at bringing the Windows-style to Android. That’s largely thanks to its vibrant use of tiles and easy customization, much like that found on Microsoft’s own mobile operating system. In fact, the launcher even includes its own icon pack, meaning Android users can ditch Google’s choice of icon design and use the Internet Explorer icon to signify their mobile browser. Clearly designed to bring the full mobile Windows experience to Google’s mobile operating system, Launcher Metro 10 definitely does a good job, even if it is a little rough around the edges.

4. Arrow Launcher (Google Play)


Whilst not as visually similar to Windows 10 as other launchers on our list, Arrow Launcher earns an honorary spot because it’s designed by Microsoft for Android. Looking to give users of Android a splash of Microsoft love, the company has released their own launcher for the platform. Designed to be light and efficient, Arrow seamlessly integrates with many of Microsoft’s services on Android, which is perfect if you’re a user of their Office suite of applications of their Skype video calling service.

We’re not overly sure why Microsoft would spend their precious time making a launcher of Google’s mobile operating system when they have their own. However, the result of Arrow Launcher is an incredibly sleek user interface for Android that brings with it fantastic compatibility for Microsoft users.

5. Win 10 Smart Launcher (Google Play)

Win 10 Smart Launcher

Over the course of this article, we’ve discussed both launchers for Android that provide the functionality of Windows 10 and the operating system’s visual style. However, Win 10 Smart Launcher manages to combine both of those aspects. The launcher is designed to look and feel like Windows 10, much like SquareHome 2 and Metro 10 do, however, it also brings with it some of the functionality from Microsoft’s own Arrow Launcher, which is especially prevalent through the launcher’s contacts menu.

That being said, having both the visual style and functionality of Microsoft’s Windows 10 does come at a price, with this launcher being the most unstable on the list.

6. Launcher 8 WP Style (Google Play)


If you don’t mind stepping back a couple of years, undeniably the best Windows theme Android launcher is Launcher 8 WP Style. It’s been around for a few years now but brings with it Microsoft’s classic Metro style, which is largely what many users look for in a launcher. That’s coupled with fantastic levels of customization, rivaling Microsoft’s own mobile platform.

In fact, the launcher comes prepared with a range of built-in styles, meaning there’s little work to do in order to produce your ideal launcher environment.

7. Nova Launcher (Google Play)


The final launcher on our list is something a little bit different and that’s because it isn’t designed to be a Windows-themed launcher for Android. However, Nova Launcher definitely deserves a mention if you’re looking to create a customizable Windows-like experience on your phone. That’s largely helped by the fact that Nova Launcher is one of the most flexible, not to mention most popular, launchers on Android. This means you can tweak the launcher to create your own Windows experience.

Nova Launcher supports custom icon packs and widgets, meaning you can tweak your home screen to look and feel like Windows 10. However, it’s worth mentioning that many of Nova Launcher’s features are locked behind their premium version, meaning that users serious about creating their own Android launcher experience will have to shell out some cash.

There’s so many fantastic Android launchers out there that can help you bring the full Windows 10 experience to your smartphone or tablet. In fact, the list is only likely to grow as Microsoft’s own mobile platform grows in popularity. Do you use a Windows-themed launcher for Android? Which is your favourite?

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