AT&T releasing Windows 10 Mobile to Nokia Lumia 830 owners

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If you’re an AT&T subscriber who owns a Nokia Lumia 830, you should be getting a free upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. The network operator has been pushing out updates as of late, and users are quite excited about the prospect of having a new operating system to play around with.

The Lumia 830 getting Windows 10 Mobile shouldn’t be a surprise to some. Yes, devices that do not support Windows 10 Mobile are no longer permitted to run the Insider Preview, but some devices are still being approved. That doesn’t matter, though, since the Lumia 830 is officially supported, so no problems here.

Those who own the unlocked version of the Lumia 830 have been using Windows 10 Mobile since March of this year. The reason why carrier locked models had to wait until today is because AT&T had to approve the software before releasing it to the public.

Out of the four Lumia handsets available on the AT&T network, only three so far have the ability to run Windows 10 Mobile: the Lumia 830, Lumia 640, and Lumia 1520. The fourth handset is the Lumia 640XL, a smartphone we expect to also be able to run Windows 10 without a hitch.

If you’re interested in upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile, download the Upgrade Advisor app from the store. After that, launch it and it will let you know if your device is supported. From there, visit the update menu through Settings to get the new operating system up and running on your smartphone.

If you have a Lumia 830, you may have come across battery drain issues in the past. Microsoft says it’s working on a fix, but no word on when it will be released.



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