Fix: Can’t Send SMS From Windows 10 Mobile

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Can't Send SMS Windows 10 Mobile
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Sending text messages is a crucial part of every mobile phone, but users are reporting that they can’t send SMS from Windows 10 Mobile for some strange reason. This seems like weird problem and today we’ll try to solve it.

As we mentioned sending text messages is quite important and since we send text messages over our phones all the time you can see why not being able to send text messages could be that big of a problem. Not being able to send text messages could cause some big problems especially if you heavily rely on it, but let’s see if we can fix that somehow.

Can’t Send Text Messages From Windows 10 Mobile Phone

Users report that even with full signal they can’t send text messages, so if signal is not the issue here what can you do to fix this problem?

Solution 1 – Turn off International assist

  1. Go to Settings > Applications > Phone.
  2. Turn off International assist.

This is a simple solution and some users have confirmed that this has fixed the text sending issues for them on Windows 10 Mobile, so make sure that you try it out.

Solution 2 – Change your mode from LTE & CDMA to CDMA

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Now go to Cellular.
  3. Find Mode Selection option and change it from LTE & CDMA to CDMA.

After doing this you should be able to send text messages.

Solution 3 – Perform a factory reset

This is the last solution if nothing else works. We have to mention that performing factory reset will delete all your files and contacts stored on your phone, so make sure that you back them up first.

After you’ve backed up your files, you may perform factory reset of your device. As we said, this is the last solution if nothing else works, so before performing a hardware reset make sure that you have tried all the solutions that you could find.

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I think it might be related to the fact that the app appears to be coded with half buttons, offset by way too much for the screen.
When using portrait mode, you can see the button, and it works, but when you go landscape mode, half button. Sometimes after selecting number of person, send button won’t light up at all.

I might use the OTC to quickly update it, but not if the LATEST build is the buggy build. Then I’d rather rollback to prev build.

Can’t send Group SMS from Windows 10 utilising the People App group facility. Message received “unable to Send”. There are 8 recipients in the group. It worked okay to the same group previously.

I have the same issue but none of these things helped me out. I even changed my cellular provider to see if that was the problem…. Still frequently cannot send texts. I do a soft reboot and it will work again for a short time. This is REALLY annoying. Please fix this.

I think the messaging app sleeps off. So cant send/receive SMS. Go to Setting->battery and go to battery usage by app and allow messaging app to run in background.

Having loads of problems sends texts on a Lumia 950. Seems to be fine for numbers I use regularly but not for others (“Unable to send”). Have to reboot phone to fix. Hopefully solutions 1 and/or 2 will help!