Windows 10 Pro for advanced PCs arrives this fall

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Microsoft currently offers a long list of different versions of Windows 10 including Home, Mobile, Pro, Team, Education, Pro Education, Enterprise, Enterprise LTSB (Long Term Servicing Branch), Mobile Enterprise, IoT Core, and S.

Three new Windows versions spotted in the Windows 10 build 16212

An MDL forum member recently spotted three new Windows versions in the accidentally released Windows 10 build 16212: Windows 10 Pro for Advanced PCs, Windows 10 Pro N for Advanced PCs, and Windows Server 2016 ServerRdsh.

  • Windows 10 Pr0 for Advanced PCs (for Workstations) will likely have licensing and optimizations targeted to the powerful multi-core PCs with petabyte hard drives and massive amounts of RAM.
  • Windows 10 Pro N for Advanced PCs are destined for European Union countries and allow users to choose their own media player and software for managing and playing CDs, DVDs and other digital media files.
  • Windows Server 2016 ServerRdsh would be targeted at servers used as Remote Desktop Session Host (a server hosting Windows-based software or the full Windows desktop from clients of Remote Desktop Services clients). Users connected to an RD Session Host can run programs, save files and use the network resources.

Windows Pro for Workstations features four primary capabilities

  1. Workstation mode

Microsoft plans on identifying typical compute and graphics intensive workloads and optimizing the OS to provide maximum performance and reliability.

  1. Resilient file system

ReFS is the successor of NTFS and is designed for fault-tolerance and optimized for handling large information volume, and auto-correcting while offering backward compatibility with NTFS.

  1. Increased speed for file sharing

Usually, high-end workstations are used for processing large volumes of data and they’re being accessed across the network. Microsoft includes the SMBDirect protocol based file sharing in Windows 10 Pro for Workstation. This will allow low latency and CPU utilization while sharing network access.

  1. Enhanced hardware support

The hardware support in Windows 10 Pro for Workstation will be expanded and users will be able to run Windows 10 on machines with up to 4 CPUs and add up to 6TB of memory.

Microsoft’s plan is to provide more valuable benefits to the users from the high-level segment of the market.



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