Windows 10 Project NEON apps will leave a mark on 2017

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Project NEON is an initiative started by Microsoft for Windows 10 that takes the form of a more advanced programming language that helps Microsoft provide a number of significant changes to the OS.

Project NEON was only a concept idea that users and fans heard of in talks about Microsoft’s future plans. The latest build of the operating system for Windows 10 Insiders Preview actually features Project NEON and people got the chance of seeing some of its capabilities in action. While not entirely available in the Insiders build, it was enough to give users an idea of what’s to come.

Project NEON looks to improve Windows 10 animations by bringing more blur into the mix. This can be seen in the couple of images that have leaked, showing NEON in action. It is still way too early to discuss how NEON will look like when fully implemented, but the images so far manage to give us a good idea.

First app

The first draft of a Project NEON app for Windows 10 has been released. The first preview release of an app called Interop Unlock Tools shows what the new programming language is capable of achieving. The app itself is used to tweak settings and other elements pertaining to the operating system’s registry. It works with both Windows 10 for PC and also Windows 10 Mobile.

The design

The functionality of this app is great, but the really cool part is the NEON-specific design that comes with it. It features an intense blur that just barely manages to show what’s behind the window. The blurry part connects with a clear section where more details are displayed. There should be more animations coming in once the Insider preview build gets a few more additions. In its current state however, it is a pretty handsome design.

Earlier than expected

Project NEON was an anticipated feature but only for the package of updates referred to as Redstone 3. However, it looks like Microsoft has pushed out the first elements of NEON sooner. The current content being delivered to the Insiders build pertain to the Redstone 2 group.



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