Windows 10 Redstone 6 is now available for Skip Ahead Insiders

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Windows 10 Redstone 6

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Redstone 5 will be the next Windows 10 update that Microsoft releases later this year. There have already been a few Redstone 5 previews, and the software giant is also gearing up for next year’s Redstone 6 update. Microsoft has now opened the Skip Ahead ring registration for the first Redstone 6 build previews.

Microsoft established the Skip Ahead ring in 2017 so that users on the Windows Insider Program can try out another Windows 10 update before the release of an upcoming feature update. The company reset the Skip Ahead ring in July. Now that Microsoft has reopened Skip Ahead, Windows Insiders can reregister in the ring to check out preview builds for Redstone 6. The Windows Insider chief, Mr. Sarkar, stated:

Our goal by resetting Skip Ahead is to allow Insiders who previously missed being able to opt-in to be able to do so as well as clear out some PCs that haven’t been active. Skip Ahead will remain capped with a limit and once that limit has been met, Insiders will no longer be able to opt-in.

The reopening of the Skip Ahead ring highlights that Redstone 5 is now almost finished. So Microsoft is now getting the first preview builds together for Redstone 6, which users can try out in the Skip Ahead ring. Windows Insiders can enter the SA ring by opening Settings and selecting Update & security and Windows Insider Program. Then you can select a Skip ahead to the next Windows release option on the drop-down menu.

As there have not been any preview builds for Redstone 6 yet, it is anybody’s guess what that update will include. However, Sets, otherwise tabbed windows, is one thing that has disappeared from recent Redstone 5 preview builds. As sets will seemingly not be a part of the October 2018 update, there is a chance that Microsoft will include tabbed windows in Redstone 6.

concept design sets windows 10

Another thing to note is that Microsoft might abandon the Redstone update codename from 2019. So, the Redstone 6 update might be 19H1. That new codename format includes the year and half Microsoft schedules the update for.

The Windows 10 Redstone 6 (19H1) update will probably roll out in April 2019. Now Windows Insiders in the Skip Ahead ring might get a glimpse of what’s in the 2019 update before Microsoft launches the next October 2018 update.


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