Windows 10 Search is driving users crazy and users want Microsoft to do something

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Many Window 10 users rely on the Control Panel to find what they’re looking for. Why? With Windows 10’s Search as far from perfect as it is, many features are simply hidden. Worse yet, Microsoft prefers to focus on monetizing the Search tool instead of building out a functional search feature.

Microsoft needs to fix Windows 10 Search

Many Windows 10 users vented their frustration on Reddit, sharing their failed Search experiences. Some even confirmed they had to come back to having shortcuts on the desktop because Search no longer displays relevant results. As one user put it, “It’s no longer a “Start, type first letter, fire” deal anymore.”

Microsoft hoped to revamp Search with Cortana’s help. However, many users are not satisfied with Cortana’s search performance and prefer to use File Explorer, Control Panel, and third-party desktop search tools.

I just use the file explorer to search. Cortana is just terrible. The taskbar integration with search is terrible.

Many Windows 10 users think that Microsoft should have kept the search tool available on Windows XP as it allowed them to customize the search experience and offered accurate results.

I miss the search on XP, it was stupid out of the box with that slow animation, but you could change the settings and have an awesome search.
Since Vista, we’d be better of without the Windows search, I use a 3rd party app […]

Windows 10 Search is a monetization platform

It seems the main role of the Search box is to promote Windows Store products. Many Windows users report that the first search result is often a Windows Store product that has nothing to do with what they searched. As a result, users accused Microsoft of using the Search box to convince them to purchase stuff.

In other words, the Search tool is no longer a utility but a rather an avenue for monetization.

Yeah, typed in “mouse” yesterday and got a single result for a Mickey Mouse game in the store. So, I went into settings and found the mouse section, forgetting that there are only a few useless options there. Finally, I clicked the “Additional mouse options” link to the control panel.

Users don’t like Windows 10’s Settings page

The search function is not the only reason why Windows 10 users are upset. They also complain that with every update, the Settings page becomes more difficult to use, as if Microsoft tried to hide various features on purpose.

This is what really pisses me off. They have a functional control panel, and they put this half-assed settings UI over top of it. Then, they still give you access to the control panel because the settings isn’t complete. Every update they make it harder and harder to get to, and hide it more and more. But they never actually make the settings menu half as functional as the control panel!

Can the Fall Creators Update fix Search and Settings?

Microsoft will roll out Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on October 17. The question is: can the upcoming OS fix all these annoying issues affecting the Search tool and the Settings page? Or will Microsoft stick to the same approach?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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