Windows 11’s HDR fixes the performance issues from Windows 10

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Users that have tried Windows 11 so far, declared themselves pleased with the HDR-based visual experience.
  • HDR settings allow for a more immersive experience, without having to constantly tweak options.
  • Gaming-wise, the Windows 11 HDR scales better than expected and auto-detects compatibility.
  •  An improvement from the Windows 10 version, about which users say that messes up the overall visual experience, leading to unappealing results.
Windows 11 HDR

Users really don’t have that many reasons to complain about Windows 11, except maybe some of the requirements that Microsoft insists on for the new OS.

All the other features that have been analyzed so far only brought approval from the user’s point of view. Now, we are about to look closely at another setting that caught people’s eye, and it seems pretty solid.

Better HDR scaling with the new OS

Users that have installed the preview version of Windows 11 are now declaring themselves pleased with the way that HDR performs.

As a well-known fact, with Windows 10, leaving the HDR option enabled on your PC kind of messes up the overall visual experience, making things washed out and generally unappealing.

According to user reports, concerning this matter, this no longer seems to be an issue on the new OS. Even with games, there are significant improvements to how this setting affects visuals.

With the Use HDR option on, Windows will automatically ensure that the HDR is on when you launch a game.

While Auto HDR is on, supported games will be automatically upscaled, and the games that won’t support such high resolution will display SDR, without having to toggle it every single time.

We’re all curious to see how Microsoft will deal with the increasing graphics demands of games, movies, and other software, now that 4K is no longer the maximum threshold.

Are you running Windows 11 on a device that supports HDR? If so, tell us about your visual experience so far, in the comments section below.

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